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50 milliseconds. This is the time taken by Internet users to form an opinion on a site. After the first 3 seconds of downloading, it is estimated that each additional second spent on a platform lowers the conversion rate by 20%. The trend is therefore very clear for traders: they have only a very limited time to convince.

In this context, SMEs must adapt more than ever to these new consumer habits. The French are now better informed, more demanding, and above all more versatile than in the past. Brand loyalty is no longer the norm among customers addicted to digital technology and on the lookout for good deals.

Salesforce just released a free guide to help you deliver an exceptional customer experience and better set yourself apart from the competition. We have read this document, and we can confirm that it provides very practical advice for small business owners who want to embark on the path to growth.

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A successful customer experience is the key to success

The guide notably reviews the benefits that a company can derive from a successful customer experience. It is first of all an excellent means of loyalty. It may seem obvious, but a consumer who trusts you is much more likely to buy a new product than a customer who is more distant from your business.

Moreover, the use of appropriate technologies on your website is an undeniable asset. The most emblematic examples are those of Amazon and its excellent recommendation algorithm, but also of Netflix, which knows the tastes of its users inside out and offers them tailor-made films and series. It is possible to duplicate this method at the scale of your SME based on the data collected.

By developing your company’s brand image, in other words the trust that your customers have in you, they will remain loyal to you. The latter is built by the interactions that we can have with your collaborators or on the digital channels of your company. But, the final product remains essential, and it should never be neglected.

Taking care of the customer experience allows, in most cases, an increase in turnover, the sinews of war for the sustainability of an SME. It is also a way to fight against the negative opinions that Internet users can leave on specialized sites.

This short-term investment is finally necessary to achieve longer-term savings. Indeed, Salesforce reminds us that it is a way to improve the processes put in place and to increase the productivity of your employees, while simplifying their work.

Seduce your customers: instructions for use

The guide lists a precise action plan for a customer experience with small onions. First of all, it’s about anticipating the versatility of buyers who like to browse several channels. It is therefore necessary, as far as possible, to communicate by several means: social networks, mailing, SMS…

Similarly, simplifying the lives of users of your website is a real goal. This can go through the implementation of comparison tools, automatic entry, and everything that contributes to the simplification of purchases. The creation of a loyalty program is another important line of action. Customers want to be pampered and feel valued.

Consumers are first and foremost citizens. Therefore, showing them that your company is committed to societal issues can be a plus. Another step that should not be overlooked is the establishment of effective customer service. It is when they are confronted with concrete problems that buyers want to be treated with respect.

It is also always desirable to look at the side of the competition. It is entirely possible to learn from their successes and understand why a prospect prefers a company to yours.

Finally, it is necessary to measure the quality of your customer experience based on certain concrete data, such as the retention rate, the attrition rate, or the CSAT (customer satisfaction).

Essential tools to transform the test

Rome wasn’t built in a day, so it will take you some time to perfect your customer experience. However, the Salesforce guide offers some services that can help you in your efforts.

A good customer relationship tool (CRM) is essential in this regard. It makes it possible to store all of your data and to obtain a more in-depth knowledge of your prospects and thus improve your decision-making.

The use of a Social Listening service is also an asset. It will give you the opportunity to follow everything that is said about your company on social networks and therefore to stay in direct contact with online consumers.

Artificial intelligence is not to be neglected either. Through chatbots, you will be able to answer certain questions directly online, while algorithms can, as we have seen, direct customers towards a purchase. Finally, a Business Analytics tool can help you spot some hidden business opportunities, or predict the results of some of your actions.

We can therefore strongly advise you to read this free Salesforce guide. In a short and very educational format, it gives welcome advice to entrepreneurs who want to take their SME to the top.

Discover the white paper

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