7 sports activities for those who don’t like to run


We know that to be in good shape and in good health, you have to move. Going for a run is one of the best activities to do at any age because it strengthens your cardiovascular system and maintains your figure. Problem, you hate it, running is synonymous for you with bad memories in high school and you have absolutely no dream of doing a half-marathon. However, you want/need to do cardio exercises and you want to lose weight? No problem, there are lots of sports activities to do when you don’t like running.

Sport, in addition to its benefits on the silhouette and on the cardio-respiratory capacities, also brings many benefits to the mind. The practice of physical activity will promote the production of dopamine, endorphins and serotonin. These natural happiness hormones act positively on the brain. What better way to evacuate the stress and tensions of everyday life?

1. Jump rope & boxing

In the playground the jump rope was only a formality for you, a few years later you will find it much less easy to turn. Yet it is an excellent exercise that will strengthen your heart and make you lose many calories! Coupled with boxing, it’s an excellent activity to keep in shape.

Playful and intense, we love the course Kick Hand Rope offered by theSports Factory. It is a course that takes place in 3 phases with increasing intensity. The first part consists of muscle strengthening movements and combines work on lunges, squats, scissors, then comes the boxing part with blows carried into the void in the form of choreography, finally for an optimal calorie expenditure, the course ends with a part of coordination and skipping rope! The coach is super motivating: we don’t give up! We tested this course at the editorial office: we came out of it totally rinsed but absolutely delighted to have sweated so much!

2. Swimming

Sheathing, back pain relief, breathing management, coordination: the benefits of swimming are numerous. Without any joint shock, swimming also allows you to resume sport gently, at your own pace, while improving venous return. (It’s ideal if you have heavy legs). If you don’t know how to swim well, you can improve your skills with a lifeguard or opt, according to your tastes, for other activities such as aquagym or aquabike. The pleasure of immersing yourself in water and the effect of weightlessness immediately provide a relaxing benefit, perfect for disconnecting.

3. Walking

You don’t like gyms and have no more energy or breath after 15 minutes of activity? To resume physical activity at your own pace, nothing better than walking. You have to walk (at high speed with a good pair of sneakers) at least 30 minutes in a row, 3 to 4 times a week to see effects on the figure, but it’s worth it. It is also the best way to get a taste for running. Blood circulation, cardio-respiratory capacity and muscle tone, weight loss: you will very quickly see the effects on your physical and mental fitness.

4. Dance

Physical activity as much as creative, dance has many virtues. The pleasure we have in dancing makes us forget that we are making a physical effort and that all the muscles are solicited during a class. It tones the silhouette, gives good posture and makes you forget the stress of everyday life. If you choose to sign up for a dance class as a couple, you might even find your soul mate!

5. Climbing

A real challenge, climbing has as many benefits for your physical and mental form. Coordination, strength, flexibility, mobility but also strategy, stress and effort management, body awareness, will be required during the practice of this sport. If climbing can be practiced outdoors, you can also easily find indoor boulders to learn about this sport, in complete safety, with certified coaches.

6. Cycling

There’s nothing like riding a bike to stay fit and healthy. It’s a complete sport (and a daily means of transport): practicing it regularly strengthens all muscle groups, but also your balance and coordination. The bike is also an excellent way to hunt cellulite: the flexion-extension movement of the leg and thigh stimulates circulation and works the deep muscles by driving out stubborn fat! Who says better ?


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7. Fitness

The gyms offer many activities, whatever your level and physical condition. The advantage? You can ask a coach for advice to define the best sports routine according to your goals and desires. Group lessons, bodybuilding, relaxation, there is bound to be an activity that may suit you. Playing sports is also a great way to meet new people.

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