Cdiscount lost the ball. He is selling this Samsung 8K Neo QLED TV at a loss (-55%) 🤪


Unmissable offer on the Samsung 55QN700B 8K TV which goes to only 1,199 euros on Cdiscount. Displayed 1,399 euros, it is necessary to take into account 200 euros reimbursed thanks to an ODR. To benefit from it, once your TV has been received, you must compile your file by following the instructions in the general conditions of the ODR.

If you are planning to switch to 8K, this good plan is therefore timely. It allows you to equip yourself without breaking the bank. Also, it will be necessary to act quickly since the offer is likely to disappear at any time. To give you an idea, this 2022 model is displayed at 2,699 euros on the Samsung site. It is therefore a shock discount of -55% to which we are entitled today.

I take advantage of the offer

A golden affair, therefore, that we do not see every day. By ordering on Cdiscount, you have the delivery offered from 9.99 euros in relay point. Also, for the end-of-year celebrations, Cdiscount gives you the option of returning your products until January 8, 2023. Convenient in case you change your mind in the meantime. A return procedure that automatically triggers a full refund.

Samsung 55QN700B: treat yourself to this 8K TV for Christmas

This offer on this Samsung 55″ (139cm) 8K TV is exceptional. It is indeed the best that can be found, all merchants combined. Cdiscount hits hard by applying a -55% discount. With such a large discount, its competitors are not able to compete. Coming to its technical characteristics, this 2022 model uses Quantum Mini LED technology.

The latter displays tens of thousands of Quantum Mini LEDs spread over the panel. This makes it possible to obtain a precise and bright image. But also very good viewing angles and deep contrasts. There is also the latest Neo Quantum Processor Lite 8K processor which combines performance and intelligence to transform all your content into 8K and optimize the various brightness and sound settings.

This model is equipped with the “One Connect” remote box. Ultra compact, it is removable and brings together all the TV connectors and thus offers a simplified connection layout. This Samsung 8K TV is also equipped with 4 HDMI 2.1 ports, which offers smooth, jerk-free images. The best for playing on game consoles.

Motion Xcelerator Turbo improves the fluidity of video game sessions. Thanks to this Samsung Motion Xcelerator Turbo dynamic refresh technology, you will get the best performance with VRR compatibility, Auto Game mode and 8K/60 FPS images. With an infinitely thin design (15mm), this TV will sublimate your interior in the most beautiful way. Placed on a piece of furniture, hung on a wall, it will find its place anywhere.

On the sound side, this model is also very efficient since it benefits from Dolby Atmos. In concrete terms, this technology gives you a cinematic sound experience and immerses you in the action in a new way, and reveals every detail with clarity and depth. Quantum HDR 2000 technology allows you to watch your films and series in all conditions, regardless of the ambient light in the room.

Indeed, the brightness rate of this Samsung 8K TV can reach up to 2000 nits. This is a real asset, especially compared to OLED models which are generally limited to 1,200 nits. In short, an 8K TV that has more than one string to its bow, moreover, displayed at an ultra competitive price thanks to the current offer at Cdiscount.

To access the good plan on this Samsung 55QN700B it’s here:

I take advantage of the offer

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