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You can study the culture of countries in different ways: read books, travel, get to know the locals. But you can do it without leaving your home. Embark on a culinary adventure with the Tasty Not Sad podcast.

Hosts Alexandra Lomonosova and Alexander Titov lead a gastronomic tour of the cuisines of the world. National dishes will serve as attractions.

You will go to Armenia for quince soup, to Udmurtia for a recipe for baked goods, and to Georgia for Caucasian molecular cuisine. All these are dishes that food bloggers will not tell about. After the podcast, the romantic drink ovshala will no longer surprise you.

The sponsor of the first season is the Mistral company. Thanks to her, you no longer need to waste time on a side dish: you throw a bag of cereal into the water and you can start eating meat, fish or vegetables. Create culinary masterpieces faster than in restaurants.

You can listen to the Tasty, Not Sad podcast on Red Barn social networks and on any platform: Apple Podcasts, Yandex Music, Google Podcasts, Castbox. Attention – we do not recommend listening to this podcast on an empty stomach.

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