Making love during your period: what you need to know so that everything goes well


Even if making love during menstruation is a practice that tends to become commonplace, it still remains taboo for many. Difficult, in this case, to know what are its risks and its benefits. In order to help you see more clearly, Fourchette & Bikini invites you to discover everything you need to know about sex during menstruation!

Protect yourself from diseases and the risk of pregnancy

Although it is very rare, it is possible to get pregnant during your period. The menstrual cycle being different from one woman to another, the menstrual period does not guarantee total infertility. For example, an episode of intense stress or a particularly strong orgasm can trigger ovulation at any time. And the same goes for sexually transmitted diseases: having your period does not absolutely prevent the risk of transmission, on the contrary. Indeed, menstrual blood can promote the transmission of diseases. In order to avoid any sexually transmitted infection, it is therefore essential to protect yourself. The best way to achieve this? The classic way: using a male or female condom!

Lubricate well

Once again, there is not one rule applicable to all women, but very different rules from one person to another! While some will be naturally lubricated by blood, others will have weakened vaginal walls due to the use of period products, such as tampons. To take full advantage of your sexual intercourse during your period, do not hesitate to lubricate yourself a lot.

Enjoying the benefits of love during your period

The period of menstruation is at the origin of many hormonal changes, which often lead to an increase in desire. So why not enjoy it ? Because in addition to being damn pleasant, making love is also a natural painkiller. By taking sexual pleasure, you release endorphins, which help soothe pain and calm stress. Added to this are the contractions made by the genitals when you have an orgasm, which help relieve menstrual cramps. An ideal cocktail to fight against the first days of pain!

Avoid hard-to-remove stains

If the blood flow varies according to women and the menstrual cycle, it is better to take some precautions before indulging in sex during menstruation. The first – and most obvious – is to cover your sheets with a towel or cloth, to protect your bed. Little tip, if a stain still manages to sneak in: heat tends to set the blood. To make it disappear, first clean it cold. There are also periodic protections specially designed for making love during your period, such as certain cups. Want to make love during your period and break the routine a bit? It’s time to take an erotic bath or enjoy the sensuality of a common shower! In one case, as in the other, it will allow you to enjoy, without worrying about stains.

Diverse and varied practices

It goes without saying – as with any sexual act – that it is essential to ensure the consent of both partners. But once the desire has been shared, the only limits are those you set for yourself! For example, you can explore oral sex and practice cunnilingus, which does not require penetration and provides a lot of pleasure. It is obviously possible to touch or masturbate, as well as to test new positions. But making love during menstruation can also be an opportunity to practice classic and comforting positions.

Have you ever dared to make love during your period and you don’t know why? Or does your partner give you a negative image of menstruation? If these subjects interest you, discover “The Origin of the World” by the incredible Liv Strömquist. This fascinating comic strip will help you better understand preconceived ideas and taboos related to periods!

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