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The mobile telephony sector is also in the grip of the crisis. Between shortage of processors, soaring energy prices or even social movements in Asia, Apple has for example set the price of its iPhone 14 at 1,019 euros. For comparison, the iPhone 13, in its basic version with 128 GB of internal storage, was “only” worth 909 euros. And as if this were not enough, now it is the subscriptions of French operators who could also see their price increased in the coming days…

Orange customers have indeed been notified of such a change by e-mail. In the case of a package with two hours of calls, it will thus be necessary to pay one euro more per month (all taxes included). But other more extensive offers, notably under the Open banner, add up to two euros at the original price. Again, other digital players have also disappointed their users in this way, as with Netflix or Disney+ in the past weeks.

Details have already been communicated to interested parties.

The information sent by Orange explains, however, that the price increase should not arrive before March 2023. But all customers may not have been notified yet: it will therefore be necessary watch your inbox if you haven’t received anything yet.

We don’t know yet if sosh, the low-cost version of Orange’s offers, will also be affected by this price increase. The operator offers more interesting packages for reduced budgets, with for example 100 GB for 17.99 euros per month, including 20 GB accessible from other European Union countries that have signed the roaming agreement. We can also cite the case of the 120 GB subscription at 19.99 euros per month, calls and SMS being unlimited.

What if I’m affected?

Now let’s say you are affected and Orange has warned you of the increase. The service provider’s terms of use mean that you cannot refuse and continue to enjoy the old price. However, other options are available to you.

For example, you can choose to cancel without any additional cost, which is not usually possible with a commitment. Another possibility: consult the other Orange packages and choose a more affordable one, such as substitute. If you purchased a mobile during your initial subscription, its value will normally be carried over to the new subscription. And you won’t need to change your phone number.

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