10 signs your partner is sleeping with someone else


Fidelity is the basis of a united and harmonious couple. However, routine and boredom can lead to committing the irreparable: sleeping with someone else. Do you suspect your partner? Here are some clues to get to the bottom of it.

1 – He is not reachable

For some time, you have had trouble reaching your partner. He takes a long time to answer your texts (when he answers them), and almost never picks up his phone. The few times he does, he is cold and sends us off on the pretext that he has a lot of work.

2 – He lingers in the office

He used to come home at fixed times and for some time, he comes home later and later. Let him have a little more work for a week, fine. But when it’s been going on for three months, it’s a bad sign…

3 – He pays more attention to his appearance

Before, five minutes in the bathroom was enough for Monsieur. However, for several weeks, he has been spending about thirty minutes there and is very careful about the choice of his clothing.

4 – He doesn’t touch you anymore

Gone are the days when he jumped on you to make love to you tenderly as soon as he returned from work. It’s been at least three months since he touched you. However, a man never lasts that long without making love.

5 – He takes a shower on his way home

Without even kissing you goodnight, he rushes into the shower. It’s to remove the traces of his infidelity. By getting rid of smells such as another female perfume, sweat, love juice, he thinks you won’t suspect a thing.

6 – He receives lots of text messages

He who was not very telephone, for some time, you see him constantly on it. An office colleague at 11 p.m.? It’s a bit strong!

7 – He gives you gifts

This is a characteristic trait of the man who sleeps with another woman. Subconsciously, he feels the need to be forgiven, because he knows he is wrong and that if you found out, you would be devastated. So he brings you a rose, then a cream, a scarf, for no particular occasion. Beware!

8 – He is less present

In the past, when he came home, you spent a lot of time together. For some time, he has been there without being there. His mind is elsewhere, he doesn’t listen to you…

9 – He goes back to sport

He who said he was too lazy to play sports, that bodybuilding was only for maintenance, now he registers in a room and goes there very often. There is a catch…

10 – He flees the discussion

When you ask him if he is having an affair with another woman, he looks away and exclaims “Pffff! It’s not okay, right?! Where do you get such an idea from? then he quickly changes the subject. Sure, he has something to hide.

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