3 vegetarian menu ideas for Christmas (1/3)


You, your family and your friends love the spirit of Christmas. The tree is adorned with red and gold decorations, holly leaves and fir branches adorn the festive table. You also place candles, pine cones and many stars hanging from the ceiling. The menu must therefore live up to this traditional Christmas.

The Christmas tree-style aperitif croissants with fresh cheese and chives will accompany a wine or hot cider or a champagne soup. You can also make light mini cakes with leek fonduea vegetable tarama and even create a vegetarian caviar with tapioca balls and seaweed.

As a starter, faux gras will take the place of foie gras. This 100% vegetable product has been around since 2008 and is very similar to real foie gras. Why not cook it in croquettes, lollipops or crème brûlée for a touch of originality? A seitan roast stuffed with chestnuts, mushrooms and pumpkin and its mini vegetarian Shepherd’s pie with sweet potato and lentils will not have nothing to envy to a stuffed chicken roast. Cooked as a festive dish, it will have its place on the Christmas menu. To end the meal, the vegan gluten-free Yule log will surprise even your most skeptical guests about the interest of vegetarian recipes.

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