here are the best extensions of 2022, according to Google


The end of the year is always a good opportunity for Tech giants to draw up some balance sheets but also to highlight their partners. After Apple’s App Store Awards, it’s Google’s turn to shine the spotlight on those who make its services successful.

In 2022, Google is therefore honoring the creators of extensions for its Chrome browser, the most used in the world. In total, 12 extensions were selected by the company, divided into four categories: productivity, concentration, play/entertainment, learning.

The productivity part is logically the most prolific with six extensions, the other categories have two extensions each.

The Best Productivity Extensions for Chrome, According to Google

In the productivity category, most of the extensions selected by Google allow automate or speed up certain tasks. The Tango extension makes it very easy to generate tutorials directly from Chrome.

SwiftRead, allows you to read a text three times faster. The paid Pro version even allows you to take advantage of this function on PDFs, ePubs and even Kindle books.

LINER is an extension allowing to highlight the parts of a text and even to extract them, to classify them, to group them. A very handy extension for projects that require a lot of research.

Compose AI is an artificial intelligence to assist you in writing texts. It can auto-complete sentences, rephrase them, and even generate auto-responses. It is currently limited to English.

Visbug is an extension created for web-designers or anyone who creates their website. Thanks to it, it is possible to modify on the fly, directly from the website, design elements. A good way to make models for an update or the creation of a website.

Finally, the last extension is aimed at Indian users wishing to travel to the United States. Called Check US Visa Slots, it allows viewing the availability of visas in India, a challenge that affects 5.5 million people.

Concentration, gaming and learning: the other Chrome extensions of 2022

In the concentration category, the Workona Tab Manager extension receives praise from Google. This tool allows you to reduce the number of open tabs and organize your work more efficiently. Everything is synchronized on all your devices where Chrome is installed.

CrXMouse Chrome Gestures allows you to create gestures with your mouse to improve your navigation. This extension could also have been part of the “productivity” category.

The “gaming and entertainment” category highlights RoPro, an extension to improve the experience on Roblox, the online gaming platform acclaimed in particular by young players.

Regarding the “entertainment” part, it is the eJOY extension generates subtitles in your language on platforms like Netflix, Youtube, Amazon Prime or even TED. In addition to translation, this tool gives access to a complete dictionary to also understand what you are reading. It’s always better.

Finally, in the “learning” category, Google rewards Equatio, an extension that makes it easier to write mathematical equations and expressions on a computer.

With MyBib, it is literature that is honoured. This extension allows you to generate citations and bibliographies in one click. Unfortunately, it is only available in English.

So much for the 12 Chrome extensions selected by Google for this year 2022. The browser is full of practical tools, so you may use other useful extensions on a daily basis. So feel free to share them in the comments. We love Save to Notion for example.

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