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Some people do not seem to be naturally inclined to laugh, even if they understand and appreciate the joke. And there are several reasons for this. In the material we will tell you what may be hidden behind the inability or unwillingness to laugh.

1. Restraint

Shyness can cause you to stop laughing. Because of internal complexes, people often try to restrain him. And the more often they do it, the faster this behavior becomes a habit. Often, shyness and lack of laughter appear due to poor dental health. In this case, the person also stops smiling.

In addition, shyness can be associated with reasons for laughter. A person subconsciously fears that the reason for his laughter will not be understood or condemned by others. Therefore, he tries to restrain his emotions as often as possible.

2. Depression

A depressed person constantly experiences negative emotions. Because of this, it is difficult for him to smile or laugh, and also to find reasons for this. Journalist Ankita Singh from the USA describes this state as follows:

My parents watched the show on TV and laughed at the jokes. I watched them and wondered why they were laughing. Most of the time I pretended to do the same, but that was nothing more than a sham.

Often, with depression, especially chronic, people refuse social contacts, entertainment, because they do not see pleasure in it. This becomes another reason why laughter is practically absent in their lives.

3. Emotional numbness

When a person is under a lot of stress or trauma, they may experience emotional numbness. This is a condition in which the body blocks any senses in order to reduce the load on the nervous system. Because of this, both negative and positive experiences are dulled. The person stops laughing at things that previously seemed funny to him.

It happens that emotional numbness lasts for years. For example, if the psychological trauma was serious and the person could not recover from it. You can learn more about how this condition manifests itself and why it occurs in this material.

4. Distrust of people

Trust plays an important role in establishing interpersonal relationships. But it happens that a person loses this ability. He does not trust anyone, so he cannot relax in society. And that’s what it takes to laugh.

Lack of trust is often associated with social experience. If negative situations happened in early childhood, this can affect the rest of a person’s life. Psychoanalyst Erik Erickson believes that the less trust a child has received, the less inclined he becomes to him in adulthood. Accordingly, it will be much more difficult for him to laugh in society.

5. Lack of sense of humor

Some people have little or no sense of humor. Because of this, they rarely laugh.

According to a study conducted in Germany in 2014, the sense of humor is greatly influenced by upbringing as well as environmental factors. No less important are the inner experiences of a person. The lack of a sense of humor and, as a result, the ability to laugh is often due to social anxiety, a tendency to overthink, and chronic nervous strain.

Fortunately, a sense of humor is a skill that can be developed. We talked about how to do this here.

6. Features of genetics

A study conducted by Dr. Claudia Haase from the USA showed that genetics can affect the ability to laugh. The experiment involved 366 adults who were shown excerpts from humorous cartoons.

It turned out that those who had short alleys, that is, versions of the 5-HTTLPR gene, were more prone to laughter, compared with participants who had long alleys of the gene. Remarkably, the responses of people with a particular version of 5-HTTLPR were not affected by factors such as age, gender, ethnicity, or emotional state. Scientists have concluded that such a genetic feature can largely affect how often a person laughs.

7. Violations of the brain areas

Several areas of the brain are responsible for the occurrence of laughter: the cerebellum, midbrain, hypothalamus. The command that it’s time to laugh is formed in the cortex with the participation of the frontal and temporal lobes. And the limbic system is responsible for instinctive behavior and mood levels.

A disruption in one of these areas can cause a person to stop laughing. In some cases, brain injury is the reason why a person’s emotions do not work properly, and this leads either to sudden bouts of laughter that cannot be controlled, or to its complete absence.

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