YouTube (iOS, Android) launches a queue, how does it work?


As you know, the web version of Youtube has had a waiting list for videos for quite a long time. Changing pages generally no longer cuts playback (the video then goes to thumbnail) and the next video you put in the list plays automatically once the current video ends.

However, if you have tried the same thing elsewhere than on the web version, you know that the firm had not yet brought the functionality to mobile. In fact, the only options to later check out a video you liked on smartphone were the options to watch more late and Save to a playlist.

How do I use the new queue on the YouTube app?

But we talk about it in the past because our colleagues from 9to5Google report that YouTube is currently testing a queue on mobile. This queue would eventually only be available to Premium subscribers, but many users report that the feature appeared in their app after a server-side update.

When available, the option Add to Queue can be found in the “three dots” menu to the right of the videos. Once you start a queue, clicking on the banner that shows the song or video currently playing at the bottom of the screen opens the queue in full size.

From there, you can easily rearrange the videos, or directly play the one that interests you. If you are a Premium subscriber, you can simply test the functionality by going to the Settings of your YouTube application then Test new features. Enable Playlist, then quit and reopen the app. Google specifies that the test will last until January 28, 2023.

Beyond this date, it is likely that the functionality will be offered to all Premium subscribers, as Google generally does after testing (at least those that the firm deems conclusive). However, it is impossible to give a timetable at this stage. Indeed, this kind of test is used, among other things, to correct the user experience and to address any bugs.

If Google encountered problems during the test phase, the firm could completely extend it and give a new end date. Did you miss the absence of a waiting list on iPhone and Android smartphones? Share your opinion in the comments of this article.

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