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New Year’s Eve is a holiday that evokes a sense of impending magic. Even the most convinced skeptics are waiting for a miracle and try to attract good luck next year. To increase the chances of success, we recommend choosing a talisman stone. He will help appease the patron of the year – in 2023 this is the Water Rabbit. Together with the VERY THING jewelry brand, we have compiled a selection of stones that will help lure happiness, love and good luck in the new year.

Agate for divine inspiration

According to legend, the rabbit crossed the river to take his place in the horoscope. Therefore, its combination with water in 2023 will be the most striking. Hence the need to choose blue and black shades in stones.

It is in such variations that agate should be worn. This stone is truly meaningful. In Italy, it was considered a symbol of the masters of art. Therefore, blue agate in 2023 is ideal for creative individuals.

The rabbit is a fearful animal, which can interfere with a career. If you are a creator, wear a blue agate pendant for courage. A creative person will like the unusual form of decoration – an eight-pointed star will bring additional luck and inspire new solutions.

Black agate will help on the other hand. In India, Buddha statues were created from it, the height of the largest was two meters of pure stone. Therefore, the mineral is considered magical – it connects with deities, protects from evil and cleanses from negative energy. Wear a ring with black agate so that someone else’s envy does not prevent you from achieving heights.

Moonstone for body health

The rabbit is not just a symbol from the horoscope, but the hero of the legends and myths of the peoples of the world. Ancient people saw its outlines on the moon and since then began to call the moon hare. According to one legend, the goddess Nuwa gave him immortality. But in return she asked to treat the weak.

It is believed that the eared brews potions, so on holidays the Chinese look at the moon – they want to examine the animal and ask for health and longevity.

To please the rabbit in 2023, wear a pocket moon, that is, a moonstone. It will help in many areas, including in matters related to health. It is believed that the stone improves digestion, improves metabolism and distributes vitamins.

The cosmic energy of the stone makes it an ideal amulet. With it, it will be easier to stay positive and see prospects in any business. And the gem itself is quite beautiful, it can please with a bluish-milky overflow and mother-of-pearl shine.

Carnelian for success in love

Rabbits are very prolific, one female can bear up to 60 rabbits per year. But all these children are born within the couple. Rabbits are monogamous, so in the new year they will be supportive of couples or those who wish to enter into a relationship.

To double the chances of a happy union, choose jewelry with carnelian. In Rus’, it was called the stone of the heart, because they believed that it brings success in love affairs. The brighter and richer the carnelian is, the more powerful its strength will be.

Earrings with copper-scarlet stones will help to attract love into your life. They resemble two hearts that should meet in the new year. Do not be afraid that the color will scare away the rabbit. On the contrary, the warm ebb of carnelian creates a feeling of warmth – this is what fluffy animals so lack in winter. Therefore, such a decoration will illuminate the dark days and attract what you want to you.

Amethyst for inner peace

The rabbit is a gentle animal by nature. Therefore, the next year should pass calmly and measuredly.

But bad habits, anger and other negative emotions can interfere with our inner balance. To protect themselves from them, the Sumerians, Egyptians and Greeks wore amethyst jewelry.

The stone was considered not only magical, but also useful – the ancient Romans believed that it protects against the effects of alcohol. He will help you avoid scandals and quarrels, find a common language with other people.

Amethyst jewelry can become indispensable on New Year’s Eve, when everyone is actively preparing for the holiday. With him, relatives will gather at the festive table without unnecessary squabbles.

Pearls for harmony with the world

In feng shui, wind and water rise together with the help of qi energy. They drive a small grain of sand into the shell, from which pearls appear. He, like the rabbit, symbolizes the feminine, that is, the energy of yin.

In China, they believe that a stone, like a bright sun, disperses any darkness in life with its light. In the same way, it illuminates our inner beauty.

The one who wears pearl jewelry seems more graceful and softer. Even her aura changes – it becomes more harmonious and healthy.

In the past, the Chinese liked to give pearls on important dates, such as marriage. So they expressed confidence that the union would be strong and happy.

Therefore, giving pearls is an excellent ritual in the year of the rabbit. It will attract good luck and make the recipient happier. And you can make a gift to yourself. Self-love is a strong feeling that can charge the stone with positive energy.

If you love pearls, take a look at the VERY THING brand. They played with such a familiar stone in a new way in the collection of baroque jewelry. Pearls here look concise and elegant – the same idea from Eastern philosophy. So with earrings, a bracelet or a pendant, you will please both the rabbit and yourself.

VERY THING is a brand inspired by the culture and beauty of Italy. All jewelry in the collection is created by hand, they are exclusive. Therefore, you can choose unique pendants, bracelets and rings for yourself. You can create your own jewelry to order – just choose the stone and the desired coating from the link. So the new year will start with a pleasant one, and the rabbit will be happy.

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