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Psychologists consider the breakup of a romantic relationship to be one of the events that can greatly injure a person. And how people experience it depends on many factors. Including the duration of the relationship and the degree of attachment to the partner.

But because one person can give so much more than the other in a relationship, it is almost always more difficult for either partner to step forward. About how to understand that your ex still cannot survive your breakup, we tell in the material.

1. He keeps following you on social media.

If your ex is always among those who likes and comments on new photos, most likely he has not managed to let you go yet. After all, hardly anyone wants to spend time browsing the social networks of people who do not arouse any interest.

By the way, the fact that a man still cannot forget his ex can also be indicated by his sudden activity on his own pages on social networks. In this way, he may be trying to prove to his ex-partner that everything is going well in his life. But the desire to do so is one of the most obvious signs that he still hasn’t been able to bounce back from the breakup.

2. He finds reasons to text you.

As a rule, after a breakup, people stop talking. Or do it only when necessary. If the ex-boyfriend now and then finds reasons to start a conversation with you, he probably still hopes for a restoration of relations.

But you should also pay attention to your behavior. If messages from an ex-boyfriend make you happy and you always willingly enter into a dialogue with him, you probably haven’t completely let him go yourself. And this is an occasion to think about whether it was necessary for both of you to break up the relationship.

3. He speaks of you with anger

Residual anger can also be a sign that the man hasn’t forgotten you yet. It doesn’t mean that he is still in love. Perhaps he has simply not yet been able to fully survive the gap and analyze what happened.

In any case, if your relationship with your ex ended on a bad note, both of you will have to put in a lot of effort to find the strength to move on. Several books that will help you survive a difficult breakup have been collected in the material.

4. He reacts emotionally when he meets you.

It is likely that your ex-boyfriend is a very emotional person. But if this is not so, and he reacts violently to every meeting after parting, most likely he still has not been able to forget you.

If you notice that you yourself feel strange after a chance meeting with him, perhaps you also did not manage to recover from the breakup. And if you want to try to enter this relationship again, try to openly talk about it with the guy.

5. He keeps in touch with your friends

Although some couples manage to maintain a good relationship after a breakup, this does not happen often. And even more rarely, former partners continue to communicate with relatives and friends of the person they broke up with.

If the guy you ended a relationship with keeps texting your friends or wishing your parents happy holidays, he probably can’t forget you.

6. He still has your stuff.

If, after a breakup, you are looking for an opportunity to collect your things from your ex-boyfriend’s apartment, and he delays this moment, chances are that he is hoping for a reunion.

In addition, the presence of your things in the house of an ex-partner is an indicator that he has not entered into a new relationship. This means that his heart still belongs to you, or he just takes your departure from his life hard.

7. He tries to get your attention.

If an ex-boyfriend cannot forget you, he will try his best to get your attention. Thus, he, as it were, declares that the hope for your reunion lives in his heart.

Various posts on social networks dedicated to the topic of relationships will only confirm this. But you should not rejoice. Perhaps a man is just afraid of being alone, so he tries to grab onto you. After all, if your relationship broke up, it means that they were not as beautiful as both of you would like.

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