Jean-Pierre Foucault about to leave Miss France? Who could replace him?


According to information relayed by the magazines Here is and AudienceJean-Pierre Foucault would be about to stop the presentation of the traditional Miss France competition… and his replacement would have been found!

Miss France 2023

After Sylvie Tellier, Jean-Pierre Foucault? The 93rd Miss France election will take place on December 17 at MACH 36 in Châteauroux. An evening during which thirty candidates will try their luck to succeed Diane Leyre, elected Miss France 2022.

An evening during which Sylvie Tellier should pass the microphone to Cindy Fabre who replaces her. Because indeed, last August, the former beauty queen announced that she was leaving her position as general manager of the company Miss France to devote herself to other projects.

second start

A departure which could precede another since, according to information relayed by the magazine Here isJean-Pierre Foucault could also leave Miss France.

Recently, the TV presenter confided in the day he would leave office for the beauty election. “Obviously one day, I will stop, I will not present Miss France in a walker. But we’ll see when. For the moment, I have not broached this subject with TF1 and Alexia Laroche-Joubert” he declared to TV 2 weeks.

According to information relayed by the magazine Audience, Jean-Pierre Foucault’s replacement would have already been chosen! It would indeed be Nikos Aliagas who would no longer present the NRJ Music Awards…

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