Tesla launches Tesla Electric, a Powerwall-enhanced energy provider


Tesla had already been credited with this launch for some time. Tesla seeks to strike a blow to revolutionize the energy sector by becoming an electricity supplier itself. Initially, Tesla Energy will only be available in Texas. But it is the operation of the supplier that is surprising.

Indeed, on the surface, Tesla Energy will only buy and sell electricity like other state suppliers. It will not have its own electricity production plant like some. But its Powerwall battery network allows it to operate as if it had virtual power plants.

Tesla is becoming an electricity provider

In fact, by operating in a network, the Powerwall enclosures can decide on their own when to sell the energy produced by solar panels or on the contrary buy the energy necessary to end the day. Decisions based on price fluctuations that allow the supplier to deliver consistent service, despite the intermittency of solar energy.

Major decisions that can be managed at the level of Tesla Electric, which explains this concept of virtual production plants. To make the service attractive to the customer, Tesla Electric regulates prices by also purchasing electricity from other suppliers.

So that Tesla Electric can deliver a competitive and particularly reliable service, especially in the first covered market, Texas – whose aging electrical distribution network badly needed a boost of innovation. Tesla Electric is initially exclusively available in Texas.

Subscription is by invitation only at this time – and customers must already be customers of the Tesla Powerwall home battery. Here is what Tesla explains in its official statement:

“Solar and Powerwall can help your community accelerate the transition to renewable energy. With Tesla Electric, your Powerwall automatically decides when to charge, and when to sell electricity to the utility grid. Together with other members of Tesla Electric, you can maximize the value of your solar energy, while using the energy stored in your Powerwall to supply the electrical grid with renewable energy”says Tesla.

And to add: “You can also achieve your own sustainable goals by purchasing energy to be added to the grid. Tesla Electric is supplied in all cases from 100% renewable sources, allowing you to reduce your emissions, even in this case”. Of course, it will take time for Tesla Electric to prove itself. But if this first Texan experience goes as planned, one can imagine that the brand will quickly end up exporting its model to other markets.

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