This new electric quad signed CAKE can work with or without a pilot


Last year, Tesla marketed the Cyberquad, a small electric quad for children, inspired by the Cybertruck. A model that has been talked about again recently, since the manufacturer was forced to reimburse all buyers, the Cyberquand having violated several federal standards with regard to mechanical suspension or even the maximum tire pressure for an ATV… today, it is the turn of the Swedish firm CAKE to lift the veil on a 100% electric ATV, Kibb, which is not intended to become a recreational vehicle, but a real utility.

An electric quad as an agricultural machine at CAKE

Founded in 2016 by Stefan Ytterborn, the Swedish company CAKE specializes in electric vehicles, whether urban or off-road. We owe him in particular an astonishing Bukk motocross, equipped with a 100% electric engine, and whose first deliveries are scheduled for March 2023. Today, the company presents Kibb, a dedicated electric off-roader (among others) to the agriculture of tomorrow.

Today, machinery used in agriculture is a major contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions and negatively impacts the ecosystems we all depend on to grow healthy food.” explains CAKE. The Kibb electric quad was designed by a young designer, Fanny Jonsson, and is intended to be an ATV capable of being piloted by a human, but can also perform simple tasks completely autonomously.



With the firm will to tackle “a lack of sustainable options for transport in agriculture”, CAKE therefore offers a small multifunction electric utility, the small Kibb being equipped with a modular architecture. In this way, the small electric machine can be modified according to the tasks to be performed. In addition, Kibb integrates various electrical inputs, in order to act as a mobile electrical station, to operate a device and/or recharge another.

There “bad“The news is that this amazing Kibb electric quad is just a concept for now. The Swedish firm, however, ensures that development will continue, and that marketing by 2025 is not to be excluded. Interested parties are also invited to follow the progress of the project by providing their contact details on the brand’s website.

For the little anecdote, you should know that all the appellations offered by CAKE come from the island of Gotland. The Kibb comes from the old local language “Gutniska” and means “beef“, or the representation of brute force, combined with a certain form of gentleness and a positive impact for biodiversity.

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