what is Xiaomi’s foldable smartphone worth?


Reading the name of the product, you will have guessed that Xiaomi is not at its first attempt in the segment of foldable smartphones (or folding, it depends). After a rather successful Mi Mix Fold, the Chinese giant is doing it again with this time an equally promising Mix Fold 2 (without the Mi, which has since disappeared from the nomenclature for more simplicity in the ranges). At least on paper.

Marketed at 1,300 euros excluding tax in China, the Mix Fold 2 will not be available in France. We were nevertheless able to get our hands on one of the rare models lent by the brand. A week of real-world testing to see if the Mix Fold 2 rivals Samsung’s latest model, the Galaxy Z Fold4, which we’ve been using for several months.

For obvious reasons (no availability in France, limited test period) we are not publishing a full test here but our impressions after a few days of use.

So what is the Xiaomi Mix Fold 2 worth? What are its strengths? What should Xiaomi improve? We tell you what we thought of it.

What we liked about the Xiaomi Mix Fold 2

Exemplary finishes

In terms of design, Xiaomi is capable of the best and the worst. With the Mix Fold 2, the Chinese manufacturer surpasses itself and offers one of the most attractive foldable smartphones on the market.

More angular than the Samsung model, it is also lighter (262 g) thanks to an aluminum frame. It is also one of the thinnest foldable smartphones on the market with a thickness, when unfolded, of only 5.4 mm.

To achieve this feat, Xiaomi used a hinge comparable to that of Samsung. The result is a more visible and more sensitive to the touch fold than on the OPPO Find N, the model on which the fold is the most discreet.

On the other hand, Xiaomi has managed to offer a real smartphone capable of transforming into a tablet. Outside, the 6.5” screen hugs the edges of the chassis to offer a real smartphone experience. Folded up, the Mix Fold 2 can be used without any problem of display comfort. We take advantage of a complete screen, like a classic smartphone, the additional thickness.

Unfolded, the Mix Fold 2 reveals its full potential. Again, the 8.5” panel is perfectly integrated, which leaves plenty of room for the screen. Only the small blister of the fold is therefore felt.

The hinge seems solid, the opening of the smartphone is rather straightforward. The displays are protected by Corning Victus Gorilla Glass. Guarantees of resistance to shocks.

The back is more classic and the integration of the photo module a little rough. Not enough to dampen our enthusiasm. The Mix Fold 2 is a very elegant foldable smartphone with exemplary finishes.

Two beautiful screens

The heart of the “folding” experience goes first and foremost through the screens. Xiaomi therefore pulls out the heavy artillery and allows itself (as we said earlier) even to outclass Samsung in terms of integration. The 6.5 ” external screen is based on an AMOLED panel. In terms of comfort and display quality, it has nothing to envy to the best screens of “classic” smartphones.

Inside, the 8.02” LTPO2 OLED is a real eye-catcher. Compatible with HDR10+ and Dolby Vision, it displays content with a definition of 2160 x 1914 pixels and a refresh rate of 120 Hz.

We spared the lab test the Mix Fold 2 but if we had to sum up our impressions of these screens in one word, it would be “wow! “. Very bright, the two screens are also very well calibrated. The Mix Fold 2 is therefore just as pleasant to use in smartphone format as in tablet format.

Of course, it’s when it’s unfolded that it’s a real eye-catcher. For working, watching videos or gaming, the Mix Fold 2 is stunning.

Top performance

xiaomi mix fold 2 big screen review

© Lemon squeezer

Under the hood, the Mix Fold 2 embeds the ultimate of microprocessors available on the market, I named Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 chip. Coupled with 12 GB of RAM, it delivers very high performance.

If we spared him again our laboratory tests, we were able to see in use that he never showed signs of weakness. Whether it’s productivity, entertainment, gaming (including the most demanding licensing), photography, or video, it delivers.

Above all, despite its finesse, the Mix Fold 2 does not suffer from any overheating, including during long gaming sessions. A treat.

Very good autonomy and fast charging

xiaomi mix fold 2 charging review

© Lemon squeezer

If there is one defect common to all foldable smartphones, it is their very average autonomy. Despite a battery of the same capacity as the Galaxy Z Fold 4 (4,500 mAh), the Mix Fold 2 is more convincing. Ladle, we estimate that the Xiaomi model lasts one to two hours longer with a full charge, or about fifteen hours.

charging side, Xiaomi announces 40 minutes for the battery to recover its full capacity with a proprietary 67W charger. As the smartphone was supplied to us without this charger, we were unable to verify this estimate.

What we liked least about the Xiaomi Mix Fold 2

A perfect camera

xiaomi mix fold 2 camera review

© Lemon squeezer

Xiaomi may have considerably improved the cameras of its smartphones, but it remains a notch below references such as Apple, Samsung, OPPO or Google. This Mix Fold 2 is unfortunately no exception.

Make no mistake, the triple photo module designed in partnership with Leica is generally convincing. However, we expected a little more from a smartphone of this caliber.

The main module, consisting of a 50 Mpxl sensor and a wide-angle lens (f / 1.8), does not disappoint when the light conditions are optimal (outdoors, daytime). It even allows itself to better manage the contrasts and less smooth the shots than its Korean rival. At night, on the other hand, the Galaxy Z Fold4 is well above, the fault of a duller rendering and too much loss of detail.

The ultra wide-angle (f / 2.4) with 13 Mpxl sensor is much less successful than the main module. The sharpness is much less convincing, the dynamic range is less good, the color rendering less precise. At night, these defects are accentuated, so much so that it is difficult to believe that these are photos captured by a high-end smartphone.

An observation that we also make with the telephoto lens (f / 2.6) with 2x optical zoom and 8 Mpxl sensor. The results are again unworthy of a premium model.

xiaomi mix fold 2 review photo quality

© Lemon squeezer

Finally, the 20 Mpxl front sensor is in line with what Xiaomi offers: very good but with a tendency to abuse smoothing effects on faces. The portrait mode is convincing although a little too artificial. In video, the Mix Fold 2 is capable of filming up to 8K at 24 fps, but we prefer the more stable 4K at 60 fps.

Not available in France

xiaomi mix fold 2 test screen quality

© Lemon squeezer

Our biggest disappointment following these few days with the Mix Fold 2 has nothing to do with the product itself, quite the contrary. We regret that the second foldable smartphone from Xiaomi is not available in our region.

Like OPPO’s Find N, which caught our eye, the Mix Fold 2 does not lack assets to come and rub shoulders with Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4. However, like OPPO, Xiaomi has chosen not to market this model outside its land.

At OPPO, we were told that the Asian market made it possible to analyze the reception given to this type of product. Xiaomi remaining silent about this strategic choice, we deduce that its motivations are essentially the same.

It is indeed necessary to have the solid back to try the internationalization of a product as innovative as nested. Above all, the on-board technologies force the Mix Fold 2 to be offered at a very high price, further reducing the manufacturer’s target. In Europe, the Mix Fold 2 will therefore remain a showcase product of Xiaomi’s know-how, nothing else.

Our opinion on the Xiaomi Mix Fold 2

For its second attempt in the wonderful world of foldable smartphones, Xiaomi is doing a great job, and it works! With the exception of a sometimes disappointing camera, the Mix Fold 2 convinced us after a few days of use.

Very elegant, it delivers excellent performance, has two magnificent screens and displays a very correct autonomy for this format. Finally, our only regret is not to find it on the French market, Xiaomi having chosen to market its folding models only in China. For now.

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