the entertainment habits of our children worry


Christmas is approaching with its usual lot of gifts under the tree, to please the whole family. Among the products expected on D-Day, mobiles will undoubtedly be the stars of next weekend. And adults are not the only ones who will be able to benefit from it, according to a new study signed M6. According to this, almost half of children aged four to fourteen will have their own smartphone by 2022. The survey does not specify which brands are the most popular among the younger generation, but we know that iPhones make people happy there more than any other collection.

Among the models of the moment, the third generation iPhone SE is the most “affordable”: count 559 euros to afford the basic edition with 64 GB of internal storage. Otherwise, the iPhone 12 is still on sale in six different colors for 809 euros with the same memory capacity. And for small palms, the iPhone 13 mini and its screen reduced to 5.4 inches also does the job very well, for 809 euros also in the Apple Store.

Which devices are the most popular with children?

Beyond smartphones, which seem to be the most convincing devices among the panel interviewed by M6, desktop computers are also among their favorite displays. 35% of them would have access to it, a figure that has fallen since the 2021 results. To better understand these numbers, you should know that several countries have been analyzed here, including France, Spain, the United Kingdom or even the United States.

With this, the M6 ​​study teaches us that 29% of children read content on tablets. Again, Apple’s items are top sellers with a tenth generation iPad starting at 589 today. But other firms offer much cheaper alternatives that run on Google’s operating system, Android. In particular Xiaomi with the Redmi Pad, which costs “only” 299 euros. On the menu, the technical sheet offers us here a weight of 445 grams, an 8,000 mAh battery or a MediaTek Helio G99 processor.

M6 study

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Advice from health professionals

Despite these very encouraging scores for the market, let’s keep in mind that a mobile or a tablet is not to be put in everyone’s hands. Indeed, we know for example that spending time on social networks can lead to serious psychological disorders, even psychiatric. It therefore goes without saying that providing such systems to one’s children should only be done knowingly and with good parental controls in the background.

You can also limit screen time, to avoid eye strain. Android and iOS now offer it natively. With this, do not leave a phone or iPad in the bedroom after bedtime: their use does not facilitate falling asleep. However, sleep is one of the keys to successful long-term growth. Finally, remember to block in-app purchases with a password known only to you, to avoid ending up with an extended bill…

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