what will the next movies look like?


This time, there it is. The Avatar phenomenon is sweeping through French cinemas. 13 years after the release of the first part, this is the sequel The Way of the Water which is offered to us. The review is generally unanimous and confirms that this new film is a real visual slap, while the story also manages to keep viewers in suspense. You can also find our guaranteed spoiler-free review here.

The universe of Avatar will expand further

While this feature film should undoubtedly be a big hit during the Christmas holidays, all eyes are already on episodes 3 and 4 of the saga. And precisely, Jon Landau, the producer of Avatar 2 addressed this subject during an interview granted to the site Screening.

In particular, it gives good news for fans: the next installments will allow you to discover new parts of this rich universe:

What excites me as we move forward is that each sequel will take us to new places. Each sequel will introduce us to new cultures and new Na’vi clans. And for me, it’s exciting because it allows us to reflect on our world.

And Jon Landau adds: “Throughout the process, we want to pursue this idea of ​​interconnectedness on Pandora, that we’re all connected, whether through Eywa or other means. And remind people here that our actions impact everyone around us and the world at large. »

Will there be sequels for Avatar?

His statements are clearly uplifting for all viewers eager to see this world rich in promise dug deeper. There remains a big question: will we have the chance to see these sequels?

Nothing is guaranteed if we are to believe the latest statements by James Cameron who had increased the pressure: “It’s fucking expensive. This film is the worst example in the history of cinema. It will have to reach the third or fourth best box office in history to be profitable. This is our break-even point. »

The filmmaker explained: “Ok, we end the story with a 3rd film, and there’s no need to go further if it’s not profitable”. James Cameron also noted that “The world has changed since we wrote these films. There have been two successive blows: the pandemic and the rise of streaming. » But he also wants to believe that productions like Avatar will be able to reconcile the general public with the cinema.

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