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Hardly anyone likes to be in a bad mood. But in moderation, it is beneficial. In the material, we have collected scientifically proven reasons why a bad mood can have a beneficial effect on people.

1. Helps improve memory

In 2009, scientists from Australia conducted an interesting study that helped to understand how mood in bad and good weather affects human health.

Scientists conducted an experiment by choosing random customers in a hypermarket on sunny or rainy days. They were asked to remember 10 items at the checkout, then talk about them, and also distinguish these things from similar ones.

It turned out that if a person’s mood on a bad day left much to be desired, his memory worked more efficiently. Moreover, it was easier to memorize, as well as to distinguish objects from similar ones. A good mood and a fine day did not give such an effect.

2. Helps you connect with others

It happens that the person next to you does not say that he is not in the mood, but you literally feel that this is so. His facial expressions, body language betray him. This makes you ask if everything is all right or offer your help.

According to a study conducted in Germany in 2014, observing a person experiencing stress can trigger an increase in cortisol levels in the person who is nearby. This condition is called empathic stress. The authors of the study note that this phenomenon contributes to the rapprochement of people and the strengthening of their relations. He makes you care about others and try to make their lives better.

In addition, a collective bad mood helps people to unite and solve problems more effectively. This conclusion was reached by Dr. Andrew Knight, who published a meta-analysis of 39 studies of social integration and task performance in groups in the Journal of Applied Psychology.

It is noteworthy that when the source of the negative was among the team, for example, one of the colleagues refused to cooperate and did not listen to anyone, teamwork was most likely doomed to failure. But if the bad mood was provided by an external factor, for example, a competitor of the enterprise, people in the group were more likely to try to help, and also to be more tolerant of each other for the sake of the common good.

3. Motivates

The motivation you need to achieve your goals doesn’t always come from a good mood. It happens that negative feelings are the starting point for a person to start doing something.

According to a study by the American Psychological Association, a person’s mood is a reflection of the hedonistic principle. This means that he tends to choose actions that minimize unpleasant sensations and emotions and translate them into a positive direction.

It is noteworthy that according to this principle, when people feel bad, they tend to do things that will improve their mood, and when they are happy, on the contrary, they tend to do things that they especially dislike.

But it happens that, for example, a person can be angry with himself for being lazy and suddenly start a long general cleaning, which he has been putting off for a long time because he does not like it. At this point, negative feelings are the motivator for what he does not like. But in general, it still leads to a positive result – a person is proud of himself for having coped with laziness, and his house shines with cleanliness, which also improves mood.

4. Helps improve thinking

In 2013, British psychologist Joseph Forgas conducted a study that showed that a bad mood can positively affect a person’s thinking. He notes that this is due to the fact that the constantly changing emotional state is an “input signal” that forms cognitive and motivational strategies.

Joseph Forgas says:

A negative mood creates a more attentive and accommodating way of thinking. In other words, it forces you to look at problems critically and rely less on stereotypes and previous experience. This helps to objectively judge the current situation and make rational decisions.

5. Increases creativity

Studies in the 1990s by American clinical psychologist Kay R. Jameson showed that people in creative professions, such as artists, musicians, or writers, were eight to nine times more likely to experience mood disorders than the general population.

Scientists suggest that this relationship is based on empirical fact – emotional sensitivity, impulsivity and in some cases introversion, which are characteristic of creative people.

And in 2003, a group of researchers from the United States gave an explanation why a bad mood for representatives of such professions can be an advantage rather than a disadvantage:

It has been found that a negative mood can lead to an increase in the frequency of solving creative problems, especially those requiring concentration, precise execution, divergent thinking and solving similar problems.

The scientists also noted that in some cases, a bad mood can become a reason for the development of self-awareness, which contributes to increased creativity and self-confidence.

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