We give you THE date on which you will have to remove your Christmas decorations to start the year off right


Decorating the house for Christmas allows you to give your interior a warm atmosphere and fully immerse yourself in the holiday spirit. But, once the festivities are over, comes the time to remove the Christmas decorations. A question then arises: on what date should the Christmas decorations be removed? And this choice is not to be taken lightly, since this date, well chosen, will place your year under the best auspices.

THE perfect date to remove the Christmas decorations

Whether you’re superstitious or want to stick to tradition, there’s a specific date on which to remove Christmas decorations. And this concerns both the decorations that adorn the interior of your home, including the Christmas tree, and the outdoor Christmas decorations such as electric garlands and luminous characters. Thus, the tradition is that the Christmas decorations are removed on January 6, the date of the epiphany. Epiphany is the day which, in the Christian religion, celebrates the visit of the Three Kings to the Child Jesus. Removing the Christmas decorations on the day dedicated to the galette des rois would bring good luck to the inhabitants of the house, and therefore start the year in a positive way. This ancestral tradition recommended removing the Christmas decorations, and in particular the tree, on the twelfth night after Christmas. The Christmas tree would indeed house three spirits which, after having been kept warm in the houses, had to be put outside at the time of the epiphany to ensure good harvests.

To each his own date

Aren’t you superstitious? You are then free to remove your decorations and Christmas tree whenever you want. Each family has its own habits for putting away decorations for the end of the year celebrations. Thus, for some, it is during or just before New Year’s Eve, so on the evening of December 31, that the Christmas decorations are removed. In others, this task is scheduled for January 1st. Either way, it’s a way to kick off the new year with a tidy home ready for work and school. Some people wait until the end of January to remove the Christmas decorations, just to prolong the magic of the holidays a little longer. Others finally refer to the calendar of their municipality to know the dates of collection of the natural fir trees within the framework of the operations of recycling of these trees.

Remove and store Christmas decorations

Removing the Christmas decorations can be a tedious task which therefore requires a minimum of organization. So, start by removing the balls and other ornaments that adorn the Christmas tree. Carefully store the most fragile decorations, wrapping them in bubble wrap or in their original boxes if you have kept them. The electric garland must be carefully rolled up to avoid the headache of untangling the cable the following year. Place everything in large airtight plastic boxes that will be easier to store. While the natural potted fir tree can be planted in the garden or collected by your municipality to be recycled, the artificial fir tree goes back to its original cardboard box or the recycling center if it is too damaged over the years. The Christmas wreath that adorns the door and other outdoor Christmas decorations will also join their boxes which will then be piled up in the garage or attic, waiting to decorate your house again the following Christmas.

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