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Have you ever wondered how your face cream works? Collagen, glycerin, peptides, vitamins – we all know these names, they are often found on tube packages. But how do they get into your skin cells? On the example of YOUSPA serum, we will tell you what helps the components to be absorbed better and why the creators of cosmetics began to actively use liposomes in the formulation.

What are liposomes and why are they used in cosmetics

In the 1960s, British biophysicist Alec Benham discovered that cell membranes, consisting of phospholipids, formed closed shells in water.

We know this sounds complicated. But in fact, everything is simpler – he found that these membranes served as a barrier. They retained dissolved substances inside, passing water.

Subsequently, these hollow shell structures were called liposomes. They have absolutely unique properties to retain various substances.

What can be placed in a liposome

The wide popularity of liposomes is due to the ability to transport both water-soluble and fat-soluble components.

The first substances are enclosed in the internal water space. And fat-soluble ones are placed in the lipid membrane – the part that separates the contents of the cell from the external environment. They easily penetrate the barrier layer of the epidermis, which increases the effectiveness and tolerability of the products delivered to your body.

Liposomes perform the function of storing or “preserving” biologically active substances, which, being slowly released, have a direct effect on the body.

With the help of liposomes, a long-term effect of cosmetic products is ensured, and the effect of biologically active substances remains at the original high level.

What else can liposomes do?

Even when empty, liposomes can have a beneficial effect on your skin: due to the content of fatty acids, they can restore the skin barrier.

Empty liposomes are used as a cleansing agent. Water- and fat-soluble sources of contaminants can be removed without the use of water, and liposomal cleansing lotions do not need to be rinsed off.

Liposomes increase the resistance and stability of cosmetic ingredients. For example, vitamin C, being inside a liposome, is not destroyed or oxidized under the influence of light and air.

For the first time in 1987, two well-known cosmetic brands launched new products with liposomes at once. Subsequently, several more European analogues appeared. At present, an innovative Russian product has also appeared – YOUSPA liposomal serum.

It has an instant moisturizing, tonic and anti-inflammatory effect, gives the skin elasticity and firmness, stimulates collagen synthesis.

This smart serum was developed using nanotechnology. Its uniqueness lies in the use of active ingredients placed in small lipid “containers” – nanosized liposomes, allowing the components to penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin in the shortest possible time.

YOUSPA serum quickly eliminates the manifestations of photoaging of the skin – restores its firmness, elasticity and natural radiance, brightens age spots, tones dull and tired skin, smoothes wrinkles.

The liposomes of the product contain vitamins C and E. But in order for the serum with these vitamins to bring only benefits, it must be used correctly.

First, remember that the best time for such a remedy is in the morning. In this case, vitamins will protect the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals all day long.

Secondly, before applying the serum, the skin must be cleansed and toned. You can use a toner to moisturize the skin. If it is not available, YOUSPA Liposomal Serum can be applied simply to damp skin.

Is it necessary to use a cream after a serum? The latter has a very light structure and is quickly absorbed, so after application you will feel for yourself whether you need a cream. It all depends on the specific skin type.

Liposomal forms of products make the skin open to the penetration of substances, while the cream becomes a barrier to this penetration. Therefore, if you are going to apply foundation or sunscreen, it is better to cover it with a cream so that neither filters nor pigments penetrate the skin. In addition, serums containing acidic forms of vitamin C suggest applying the cream no earlier than 15-30 minutes later.

SPF when using Liposomal Serum

Ultraviolet rays of the sun, glare from the surface of our smartphones and a number of other factors negatively affect the condition of the skin. They complexly accompany premature aging of the dermis.

You can deal with this problem with the help of SPF. And do not forget that this protection, which must be used not only at the time of a beach holiday, but also in everyday life.

If you have never used vitamin C serums before, it is best to try products with a percentage of active ingredients no more than 10%. If you have very sensitive skin, this approach will be relevant for you not only at first, but throughout the entire application.

If the structure of the dermis is dense or already familiar with ascorbic acid, then products with a concentration of 15% can be considered. If the concentration exceeds 20%, then the drug can already be used as a peeling agent. This should not be used on thin or sensitive skin.

With a high content of vitamin C, an increase in the sensitivity of the skin is visible. If products with such a high percentage of ascorbic acid are used, then it is better to avoid direct exposure to direct sunlight, and also use protection with a good SPF.

How to quickly wait for the result and how to store

Freshness, toning, sometimes radiance are effects that can be seen immediately after application. Delayed action appears after 3-8 weeks of regular use: pigmentation lightening, more even complexion, microrelief improvement and wrinkle depth reduction.

In order for the serum to work as it should, do not forget about its proper storage. Ascorbic acid is very unstable, but liposomal vitamin C is not so sensitive to external factors. It does not break down and does not oxidize under the influence of light and air.

However, even stable forms of vitamin C are subject to oxidation over time, so it is important to store the product in a cool, dark place after opening. After each use, it is necessary to remove the serum back into the carton and refrigerate, but do not freeze.

The storage temperature should be from +5 to +25 degrees, so liposomal serum can also be stored in a room, but away from direct sunlight and heating devices. By the way, this applies to all other cosmetics.

Do not forget that excessive use of any cosmetics, even care products, leads to unnecessary problems. For example, too much moisturizer can lead to oily skin. It is enough to apply YOUSPA serum once a day for a month. According to customer reviews, during this time the skin condition improves: dullness disappears, freshness appears, and redness decreases.

Skin care products with liposomes can play an important role in protecting the skin from the signs of aging, combating dry skin and keeping it hydrated for longer. If you don’t believe us, you can read reviews of YOUSPA serum on any of the marketplaces. And if you still decide to order it, your skin will definitely thank you.

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