What do the iPhone and your future electric car have in common?


With nearly two hundred million sales in 2022, iPhones make happy among their subcontractors. Starting with Foxconn, number one in assembly for many years now. Concretely, the work of the firm consists in receiving all the components of the mobiles to bring them together in a single and same device ready for marketing. But Hon Hai -this is the second name of the company- does not only design smartphones. Indeed, we also owe him computer chips (Intel), video game consoles (Nintendo) or Kindle brand e-readers (Amazon).

But soon, it’s a whole other sector that could pay off additional billions of dollars to the service provider: the automobile. Prototypes of homemade vehicles have already been unveiled to the press last year. And this weekend, it’s our colleagues from Business Insider who report the opinion of experts about Foxconn’s next plans in this area…

Connectivity is the key to success

Bill Russo, founder of the Shanghai-based consulting firm Automobility, believes that Hon Hai’s experience in smartphones, for example, could serve him well as he works on massive amounts of smart cars. And for good reason : screens” and “fleas now find themselves at the heart of these two types of products, which are very different at first glance. A supposed large sixteen-inch iPad for 2023? It’s within Foxconn’s ropes. An XXL and tactile dashboard to be installed between the driver and the passenger at the front of the cabin? Again, Foxconn can do it without flinching.

Tesla, which offers its own operating system and internalizes production as much as possible, therefore may already have something to worry about. What’s more, it has been rumored for several months now that Apple has begun to think about the supplier who will take care of its own autonomous car. With, you guessed it, our Taiwanese giant in sight.

Dozens of potential customers in the viewfinder

Beyond Cupertino, Foxconn could also very soon count on the success of multiple startups who go electric. Tu Le, leader of Sino Auto Insights, thus declares to Business Insider that the growth of the sector will be significant in the next twenty-four to thirty months “in the USA“. You will then need a group capable of running aplant“to high”ability volume, which fits perfectly with the value proposition promised at Hon Hai. But for the working conditions, we will come back…

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