Why Dash & Lily is the absolute must-see series for Christmas


You are not unaware that Christmas is upon us. If you still doubt it, we invite you to go for a walk in your city center or in any shopping center (outrageously decorated for the occasion). Or turn on your television to discover the many commercials that remind you that it’s Christmas next week. And not to forget the Ferrero Rocher.

While everyone is busy starting preparations for the famous meal or finishing their Christmas presents, do you want to take a magical break? As every year, there are the great Christmas classics to see or see again. Of course, it’s always a good idea, whether your must-have is Love Actually, The Grinch, The Polar Express Where Mom I missed the plane. But if you want to dive deep into the Christmas wonderland while discovering something new, we’ve got the perfect series.

Whatever your program for Christmas, we strongly recommend that you start watching Dash & Lily. A bit of cucul the praline, a good dose of Christmas magic and a bit of originality… With all these ingredients, this series stands out as the perfect program for four days of Christmas.

Dash & Lily, the Christmas series to see urgently

A hot chocolate, a cozy blanket, Dash & Lily… Here’s something to get carried away by the holiday spirit. On paper, the series ticks all the boxes of the good old M6 TV movie that we love so much (in secret).

It’s Christmas in New York when the paths of Dash, eternally disillusioned who hates the holiday season, and Lily, a bubbly young girl who loves Christmas, cross. A mysterious red notebook blackened with challenges and other words left in a bookstore… And we are swept away by Dash & Lily during the series’ eight 25-minute episodes.

While the two characters are destined to spend Christmas alone in their corner, voluntarily or not, they will find themselves in a strange epistolary relationship. While the song fairy tale of new york resounds in the four corners of the city and the Rockefeller Center tree shines with a thousand lights… So, heading or not heading?

Dash & Lily, it is a series that gives balm to the heart. If you have to believe in love again, this is the ideal program. Despite their drastic differences, Dash and Lily get to know each other through the pages of this funny red notebook. In the era of social networks and other dating applications, the latter is a refreshing banner. Of course, it’s gnangnan. Well yes, it’s a Christmas series. However, we do not fall into the dripping marshmallow of good feelings. It’s just what it takes to make us have a good time.

While benevolent, the two teenagers challenge each other and push themselves out of their comfort zone. More than a love story, it’s a bit of a life lesson that Dash and Lily give us. Whether the challenges are ridiculous like eating a way too salty pretzel or more daring like dancing like nobody’s watching, Dash and Lily pull themselves up. And make us want to do the same at the same time.

The series is worn by Austin Abrams (Euphoria ; If you avenge me) and Midori Francis (A deadly after) and the two actors shine with their authenticity. So much so that Dash like Lily stand out as two very endearing characters to whom it will be difficult to say goodbye after the eighth episode. Although there are many clichés in this series, it nevertheless manages to avoid certain facilities. And for that, we thank her.

Excerpt from Dash & Lily

© Netflix

Another interesting point? The rhythm of Dash & Lily, which is perfectly controlled. In spite of ourselves, we find ourselves chaining episodes to see this epistolary relationship evolve… And discover the famous meeting of the two young people that we are promised.

Without the pretension of changing our life, Dash & Lily is everything you expect from a Christmas series. It’s light, it’s cute, it’s touching and it makes us want to fall in love on the streets of New York for the holiday season. Whether you’re like Dash and hate Christmas or you’re more Team Lily, the series should find its way to your heart.

Released in 2020 on Netflix, it’s never too late to find out Dash & Lily. We can even say that the moment is extremely well chosen. If we are disappointed to know that the series will never have a second season, it does not end with an unbearable suspense (like some series that Netflix has chosen to cancel unexpectedly).

Other good news? It’s that Dash & Lily is an adaptation of the first volume of the trilogy written by Rachel Cohn. So you can make the fun last if you liked the series.

Well, no one wants to buy a red notebook just by chance?

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