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Cystitis is an unpleasant disease of the lower urinary tract and bladder, which is called the “female cold”. There are many reasons for the development of cystitis. One of them is hypothermia. That is why it often worsens in the cold season. In the material, we understand what are the symptoms of cystitis and how to avoid its appearance in winter.

The main symptoms of cystitis

The first thing women experience when faced with cystitis is the frequent urge to urinate. In this case, the liquid can leave in large and medium quantities, or be limited to a few drops. The main signs of cystitis also include:

  • feeling of heaviness in the lower abdomen;
  • burning sensation and cutting pains in the urethra;
  • general weakness;
  • change in color and smell of urine;
  • bloody discharge in the urine.

How to avoid cystitis in winter

Despite the fact that one of the main causes of cystitis is bacteria, hypothermia can also lead to the development of the disease. It helps to reduce immunity and makes the body work with an additional load. That is why cystitis is mainly encountered in the cold season.

To avoid exacerbation of cystitis in winter, you need to follow a few rules. Below are the most important of them:

Drink more liquid

Some believe that in the cold season the body does not need as much water as in summer, as we sweat less. But if you want to avoid cystitis and kidney problems, you should drink at least 1.5 liters of fluid per day in winter.

A large amount of water will reduce the concentration of urine and because of this, the bladder mucosa will not be irritated, and uropathogenic bacteria will not be able to attach and multiply in the bladder.

Go to the toilet on time

Delayed urination for an hour or two does not pose a threat to the body. But if this happens regularly, you may experience cystitis. Although urine is considered sterile, fluid retention can cause the urethra to open slightly, allowing bacteria to enter the bladder and even the kidneys.

To avoid possible problems, empty your bladder whenever you feel like it. But this process should not be rushed.

Keep your lower back and pelvis warm

In winter, the blood vessels on the surface of the skin and extremities constrict to keep warm inside the body. Because of this, the exchange of nutrients and oxygen in the tissues becomes worse, and local immunity decreases. If you do not warm up in time, hypothermia will get to the nerve endings and provoke the appearance of back pain and kidney disease. And poorly functioning kidneys are another cause of cystitis.

It’s pretty easy to avoid problems. It is enough to dress warmly, not sit in the cold and lead an active and healthy lifestyle. In addition, in winter it is best to choose elongated outerwear. Shortened models, although in trend, are unlikely to save you from cold and wind.

Keep your feet warm

Hypothermia of the feet can lead to many diseases, including kidney pathologies and cystitis. At the same time, the feet can freeze not only because of the lack of warm socks, but also because of uncomfortable shoes. This is due to the fact that narrow shoes squeeze our feet, therefore, vessels are pinched and blood flow slows down. And this leads to a feeling of feeling cold and general discomfort.

To keep your feet warm, wear woolen socks in winter, choose shoes half a size larger, and take relaxing baths in the evenings. Hot tea and other warming drinks will also help keep the body warm. To help the immune system fight pathogens, add some ginger or lemon to your tea.

Do not wear tight and tight clothing

Even though tights and thermal underwear are indispensable in winter, wearing them too often can lead to cystitis.

Like tight jeans, tight tights and other non-breathable clothing impair blood circulation in the pelvis.

If you do not want to risk your health, choose thermal underwear made of silk or high-tech synthetics. If your feet are very cold, buy special winter insoles or wear two pairs of socks at once.

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