The passbook A rate will “significantly” increase


Perhaps because the public rumbles with the heavy consequences of inflation on its purchasing power, the head of the Banque de France has just confirmed that the rate of the livret A would increase. The exact figure has not yet been revealed for the moment, however our colleagues from Capital rely on 3.3% by mid-January 2023. It is the Ministry of the Economy that will confirm – or not – this figure, with perhaps a record compared to the last ten years. Many price histories among everyday consumer products are taken into account in the calculation.

The main advantage of the booklet A lies in its limited risk, especially when compared to other investments available to everyone. It will also not be the first time that the trend is upward in 2022, since a revaluation of the accounts has already taken place this summer, preceded by another in February.

Other more profitable investments and from your mobile

Despite everything, even 3.3% remains a relatively poor rate compared to what the market offers in times of crisis. We know that the French are now turning more and more to stock market investments with establishments such as Revolut or Boursorama Banque, equipped withapps on iOS or Android with a very accessible interface. Online banks, such as Boursorama, have the advantage of offering all the savings products of a traditional bank, such as life insurance or the PEA (stock savings plan).

Test Boursorama

The cryptocurrencies sometimes want to be much more profitable even if they have to be recognized as being somewhat unstable. Finance solutions, at best decentralized, yet taxed at 30% on profits, where the interests of the livret A are not taxable for their part.

What conditions to earn money with a booklet A?

The booklet A, which remains all the same the most used investment in France, is a state-regulated savings account. You can open yours from most traditional banks, such as Crédit Mutuel or La Banque Postale. However, you must be of legal age to take advantage of it, and it is impossible to create more than one booklet A per person. A minimum payment (which does not exceed ten euros) will be requested at the opening.

Liquidity withdrawals and deposits are relatively free, but the total amount of the Livret A account is capped: it cannot exceed 22,950 euros for an individual. A necessary precision because the associations law 1901 can also invest in this way, up to 76,500 euros this time.

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