The toy market is exploding, and it’s thanks to adults


With Christmas fast approaching, we hope you have finished your Christmas shopping. If you have children around you, we imagine that you have explored the shelves of the various toy stores from top to bottom. Or the dedicated pages of e-merchants. The opportunity to remember that toys are not just for children. Indeed, in recent years, adults have been growing the toy market.

If there was a time when LEGOs and other toys were reserved for children (or possibly those considered “big nerds”), those days are over. Today, buying a toy when you’re an adult isn’t so weird anymore.

The child’s soul in power!

This year, people over the age of 18 account for 14% of toy buyers in the United States. This figure is up 19% from the prior period, and has been climbing for a while. Above all, we note a drastic change since the pandemic, and its multiple confinements.

Indeed, the Covid-19, and its consequences, pushed us to seek comfort where we could. Stuck at home for a long time, many people had time to kill and needed comfort. The confinements and the pandemic have been an opportunity for some to reconnect with old forgotten passions. Board games, puzzles or LEGO… These are all games that have made eyes for the confined that we were in 2020.

In recent years, we also note the democratization of manga, comics and video games. For a long time, these markets were mainly reserved for great enthusiasts. Marvel, Harry Potter, Star Wars are all popular franchises that aren’t just for kids. Whether it’s Funko Pop figures (which enjoyed a certain golden age not so long ago) or the famous spaceship of The Mandalorian in LEGO, toys interfere in our daily lives… Even when we are in our twenties.

But the best part of all this is that brands are (finally) realizing it. Thus, LEGO offers more and more sets for older children. More than toys or collectible models, you can decorate your apartment with the various flowers and plants of the brand or with the “LEGOesque” reproduction of The starry Night by Van Gogh.

For its part, Build-a-Bear creates new products to adapt to the needs of this new segment. In his Bear Cave, we find, for example, luxurious teddy bears with Swarovski diamonds or adorable rabbits… With a small glass of red wine in hand.

As for Mattel, mother of Barbie, she has chosen to add more “mature” cocktails and meals to the menu of her American Girl Cafe, a magical place where you can eat with your favorite dolls. For some time, influencers have set their sights on this funny restaurant and go there without a child on their arm.

Board games, too, have regained their acclaim in recent years. Despite the pandemic, the market is in turmoil and it is more and more common to be invited to a game night with friends.

As Christmas is upon us, it is good to know that toys are no longer just for the little ones and that a large number of adults love to let their inner child speak. And it’s even more pleasant to see brands realizing the importance of this segment!

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