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Many people are faced with stereotypes and prejudices based on appearance. And despite the fact that in recent years body positivity and other movements condemning discrimination based on appearance have become increasingly popular, manifestations of faceism have still not been managed to cope with. About what is meant by this term and what significance appearance has on our lives, read in the material.

What is faceism

For the first time, the term “faceism” was used by scientists Iritani, Kaimson and Barrios in their work on the study of gender differences. They conducted several studies in which they tried to find out how much our faces and bodies influence how others perceive us.

The result of the study was the conclusion that when depicting men in the media, the emphasis is on the face, and when depicting women, on their figure. This phenomenon was called the term “faceism”.

Another Japanese study a few years ago showed that some people are particularly prone to faceism, which means they draw radical conclusions about a person’s personality traits based on how attractive they think they are.

What is the danger of faceism

Faceism can harm not only in your personal life, but also during an interview. For example, no matter how valuable your work experience is, a manager prone to faceism may not pay attention if your face does not seem attractive to him. And since it is quite difficult to get rid of the first impression, a less valuable, but more attractive, in the opinion of the manager, frame may be hired instead of you.

The influence of faceism is so strong that some large companies even conduct special trainings aimed at ridding employees of prejudices associated with the appearance of their colleagues.

How our faces affect fate

Despite the fact that by nature all people are more or less the same, each of us still has something special. And appearance is one of these parameters. And since faceism is really deeply rooted in the minds of people, it can influence the most important events in our lives. Below are a few facts that help to understand how our appearance can affect fate.

Attractive people are considered more interesting

In psychology, there is such a thing as the “halo effect”. Its essence lies in the fact that when evaluating other people, we are most often guided by their appearance, charisma and talkativeness. But by concentrating on these things, we lose sight of the negative features of the object.

Pretty people seem smarter

A sociology professor from Chicago conducted a study in which she found out that people with an attractive appearance are more likely to receive attention and praise from teachers and parents. And the love and recognition of others make pretty people feel more confident. Therefore, they reach heights much faster in many areas than those whose appearance does not meet the standards of beauty.

Attractive people are less likely to be in long-term relationships

Scientists from the United States conducted several studies and found that conventionally beautiful people get divorced much more often than those whose appearance is not so attractive.

It is believed that this is due to the fact that beautiful people have more temptations. They are more likely to be in the spotlight and receive more compliments from the opposite sex. Such spoiledness leads to the fact that they do not value their relationship much and easily break off love ties.

The misdeeds of beautiful people are treated more leniently

Jonathan Gore and Jeremy Gibson at Eastern University in Ketucky conducted an experiment that helped them determine that society is more accepting of the mistakes of attractive people. And if an offense is committed by a person with an unattractive appearance, the attitude towards him is greatly deteriorating.

Interestingly, these results also have implications for the judiciary. It is believed that unattractive defendants are often given harsher sentences. In this case, the judge or jury is said to be subject to the “devil effect”. Due to stereotypical thinking, people cannot see a person for who he really is.

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