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Sleep deprivation, multitasking, everyday tasks that need to be done – these and other factors make many people feel exhausted by the end of the week. And weekends do not always help to cope with this feeling. Fortunately, you can change your approach to work and habits to make you less tired. We’ve put together seven ways to do it.

1. Keep your posture

Dr Keith Taylor from the UK says bad posture contributes to feeling tired. But many people forget that it’s important to keep your back straight when you’re sitting in an office chair or trying to complete all your daily tasks. Dr. Taylor explains:

You use more energy when you sit or stand with your spine in the wrong position because your muscles have to work harder. It is no wonder that after such a daily load by the weekend you feel very tired.

And we talked about how to stop slouching and learn how to maintain a beautiful posture in this material.

2. Complete tasks at the most efficient time

To work more efficiently and feel less tired, you need to determine what time is easiest for you to cope with the most difficult tasks. It is individual for everyone. For example, some people prefer to take on complex projects in the morning as soon as they arrive at work, while others tend to come up with ideas and make plans in the afternoon or late evening.

The more often you take on the difficult tasks in your effective time, and leave the easier ones for later, the less tired you will be during the week. It may be worth talking to your boss about changing your work schedule if your productive times and set work hours don’t match.

3. Eliminate distractions

When you are fully focused on a task, you get it done faster and more efficiently. And it doesn’t matter if it’s a work project or general cleaning. But once distractions kick in, the task becomes much longer and more fatigued. And both physical and mental. After all, it is unlikely that you will want to start your daily report with enthusiasm after looking at interesting photos on social networks. And the work seems more tedious.

To reduce fatigue, get rid of all distractions: put your phone away, remove the YouTube tab from your work browser, stop talking to colleagues. You will feel less tired by the end of the week if you have been focused on the tasks you are doing, and not on everyone around you at the same time.

4. Take a break from work after you come home

People often make the mistake that drains their energy: they think about work after they get home. They cannot relax and distract themselves in order to recuperate and feel better.

It’s important to leave work tasks and tasks at the office so that you don’t feel exhausted by the end of the week. To do this, turn off notifications in chats with colleagues, set an email auto-responder during the weekend and try to think about pleasant things more often than about everyday tasks.

5. Set realistic goals

Too many goals or not enough time to complete them is often the cause of overload and, as a result, fatigue by the end of the week. Therefore, it is important that the plans are realistic and feasible.

To do this, keep a diary or a glider, where you enter all the things that you want to do. Also, next to each of them, write the approximate execution time + an hour to it in reserve. Try to distribute things evenly over the days in order to have time to rest and not feel exhausted by the end of the week.

6. Take more breaks throughout the day

Fatigue tends to accumulate. Especially if periodically do not give yourself the opportunity to relax. Try to take more breaks during the day. Keep them small: 5 or 10 minutes, which will help you get distracted and improve your performance. At this time, you can do stretching, visual gymnastics, or just look out the window and think about something pleasant.

7. Eat foods that give energy

If you often feel tired, it is worth including foods that help increase energy levels in your daily diet. For example, bananas or nuts can be used as a healthy snack. And more about what kind of food helps fight fatigue, we talked about in this material.
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