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The fear of losing your job is common. Rising unemployment makes you cling to your job, even if it does not bring joy. Psychologists say that if a salary is the only thing that keeps a person at work, then this is an alarming symptom.

According to statistics, people who are dissatisfied with their work activity are 2-3 more likely to suffer from cardiovascular diseases than those who are not uncomfortable with their work. Burnout is an actual symptom for every second person, stress is its conductor. Therefore, an honest answer to the question: “Does everything suit you in your work?” important in all aspects of life.

New York University researchers have found a link between job satisfaction and well-being in personal life and family relationships. Therefore, making a choice in favor of money, it is worth considering whether the benefits from your activities will remain in the long term.

Psychologists recommend not chasing a highly paid job if the salary is the only argument. In work, the feeling of belonging to the process, the awareness of its importance, at best, the intersection with a hobby, is much more important.

Experts divide the ideal workplace into three components: passion, meaning, earnings. Each factor follows from the previous one. There is interest – there will be meaning, and consequently, money.

It turns out that the basis is desire – a pronounced interest in a business and motivation to do it. And it is precisely its absence that is the starting point of all problems.

Moreover, the lack of motivation may be associated with a general dissatisfaction with life, a refusal to accept oneself, one’s abilities, or disbelief in self-realization as such. Destroy the barrier of skepticism allows personal experience, trips to a psychologist or an example of someone else’s experience.

The last point is drawn from the conjuncture, including the virtual one. It is not difficult to find successful cases on the Internet, in particular, the podcast from the “Another Business” project “Let me do it” is aimed at providing young people with motivation that will change their lives for the better.

At the same time, there are no sugary moralizing, but only real stories of representatives of different professions about how they went on about their passion and realized their dreams. And the dreams are bold, going beyond the templates. So, among the guests of the show there are eminent musicians and bloggers. Experts from various fields of activity talk about how to accept yourself, your body and your desires in order to break disbelief and find strength.

The weight of their words is given by the comments of the presenters: Daria Novitskaya – PR producer, media coach and expert in communications and self-presentation. And also Marina Boitsova – radio host, screenwriter and copywriter.

You can listen to the “I’ll do it now” podcast on all streaming platforms, including Yandex Music. Subscribe, listen and be inspired! The best thing in life is what you love.

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