Invivo Air launches wine tasting from the air (and it’s expensive)


There are sometimes businesses that raise questions and Invivo Air is one of them. The New Zealand company indeed offers its customers to pay six hundred pounds to treat yourself to a wine tasting at several thousand meters of altitude. During a plane trip between Auckland and Queenstown, next January 31, lucky buyers will be offered several local and unlimited vintage wines. As for the mount, it will be a small twin-engine propeller, the Saab 340, a model of Swedish origin specializing in short distances. In fact, there are only about a thousand kilometers as the crow flies between the airport of departure and the destination.

The name of the organizer actually reminds us that it is a wine producer who will hide behind this operation. At Invivo, we have been pressing oceanic grapes since 2008, with some bottles being sold to the heart of our French regions. In total, since its inception, the company has seen its work rewarded with more than two hundred and fifty medals. American actress Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex and the City, Ed Wood, Mars Attacks!) has even collaborated with the estate to create a special cuvée.

Arrival experience

After the flight, travelers will also be invited to visit the Botswana butcher’s shop, renowned for its carnivorous, local and rather upscale menus. In the evening, the meal will of course be accompanied by wines signed Invivo, before the participants spend the night in a hotel. hilton with spa.

For the moment, however, the inaugural flight is fully booked. But the operator ensures that other tickets will soon be offered for sale. History does not say, on the other hand, if it will still be necessary to go to New Zealand or if Invivo Air also intends to attack the European market. But not sure that the company finds its audience on the Old Continent…

A question of principle

Indeed, with the evolution of mentalities as to the consequences of private charterers on air pollution, many might prefer to skip their turn. Especially since beyond this impact, we have only a few details on the quality of the dishes offered for dietary : organic food does not seem to be on the menu. This without even mentioning the origin of the meat, at a time when animal welfare continues to be one of the most debated issues internationally. Even Elon Musk, with the cruel experiments of Neuralink, is paying the price now.

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