Bill Gates gives his fortune, Lynk & Co 01 and robotic fantasy


Contents this week: the reason why Bill Gates is going to give away all his fortune, our test of Lynk & Co 01, why the solar panel industry could switch from silicon to perovskite, a promising material and finally: the study of Womanizer and Lucid which claims that one in two people fantasize about sex robots…

Bill Gates is preparing to give away his entire fortune, here’s why

bill gates fortune resolution 2023

The former richest man in the world is set to become a grandfather, and just announced in his annual letter on Tuesday that he is determined to donate his entire personal fortune to the foundation Bill & Melinda Gates. This new massive donation will be directed towards what is, according to him, the major challenge of this century: stopping climate change. A way for the ex-boss and co-founder of Microsoft to worry about the future of his future granddaughter…

Leaving the individual car for Lynk & Co 01? Our test

Lynk and Co 01 black try

Lynk & Co opened the doors of its office in Milan to us and allowed us to test drive its Lynk & Co 01 car – a compact crossover SUV resulting from a partnership between Volvo and the firm (both owned by Geely). The Lynk & Co 01 promises a car that makes you money when you own it. For those who do not want to buy a car, they can either subscribe to use Lynk & Co 01 monthly, or borrow them more sporadically at reasonable rates.

Why the amazing Perovskite is about to replace lithium in solar panels?

new cell solar panel

A small revolution is announced in the semiconductors, and the name of perovskite returns unceasingly. This very particular crystalline mineral could make it possible to exceed the 46% yield achieved only under laboratory conditions (the largest solar panels on the market have a yield of between 13% and 24%). The use of perovskite would increase the efficiency of commercial solar panels to 32.5% from the first generations. Combined with silicon technology, it would even be possible to go much further, drawing energy from virtually the entire light spectrum. But tomorrow, perovskite will also make it possible to manufacture solar panels that are cheaper, thinner, and better integrated into our environment.

Society seems ready for the arrival of the first sex robots


According to the latest Womanizer + Lucid study, one in two French people plans to sleep with a sex robot. Of Westworldto HerPassing by Wanda vision, pop culture has been playing for a few years with this concept, which has been called for by the sex industry for nearly 30 years. The first sex robots available in 2022 are very expensive: more than 13,000 dollars for the most realistic models – and you have to assume to have it at home. However, this study is the first to suggest a broader acceptance of sex with robots.

That’s all for today. Find next week a new Lemon-pressed to stay connected to the news that should not be missed!

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