The 5 sagas that we love to repeat at Christmas


That’s it, we’re in the heart of the famous Christmas marathon and you’re probably chaining the (very) long family meals. These family moments allow us to meet and share. While we presented our selection of Christmas films to see or watch again to get in the mood, the end-of-year celebrations are also the perfect opportunity to redo all the opuses of your favorite saga.

Yes, just because it’s Christmas doesn’t mean you have to absolutely watch Christmas movies. Thus, toHarry Potter to Chronicles of Narnia, here are the 5 sagas that deserve to be re-watched warm for Christmas. Even if they don’t have much to do with Santa Claus.

1) Harry Potter

As we have taste, we could not make this selection without starting with Harry Potter. Great classics, films about the beloved bespectacled wizard are to be seen and re-watched without moderation for Christmas. With 8 films on the clock, and almost 20 hours of viewing, you will be very busy for the days to come. Christmas is the perfect opportunity to return to Hogwarts, or to drop by for the very first time. The magic is there, and that’s all that matters. A must in this festive season.

2) The Lord of the Rings

If you’ve got 11-plus hours to kill, now’s the perfect time to chain the movies The Lord of the Rings. If the series Rings of Power on Prime Video made you want to return to Middle-earth, the marathon The Lord of the Rings reaches out to you during the Christmas holidays. The Fellowship of the Ring, The two towers and The king’s return are waiting for you on Prime Video.

For those who want to prolong the pleasure, the saga The Hobbit is also available on Amazon’s streaming platform. Three movies and nearly eight hours later, you’ll be speaking fluent Elvish.

Watch on Prime Video

3) The Chronicles of Narnia

Want to discover a new world? We know a nice one, just take the first cupboard on your left. In the kingdom of Narnia, winter is eternal. It is without counting on Lucy, Edmund, Susan and Peter who will try to free him with the help of the lion Aslan.

An advice ? Make yourself a little hot chocolate, pull out a plaid and throw The world of Narnia. The three films that make up this saga are available on Disney+. If you have 7 hours available during this weekend, it’s time to start this marathon.

Watch on Disney+

4) Shrek

If you want to laugh, there is no better than Shrek. With four films, you are sure to have a good time with our favorite moody ogre, Fiona, the Donkey, Ti Biscuit and their friends. The adventures of Shrek are essential for any self-respecting animation lover. The entire saga can be found on Netflix while only the first two parts are available on Prime Video.

Watch on Prime Video

5) Star Wars

Ultimate saga to (re)discover with the family during these long days of celebration? Star Wars, gone! It’s time to go to a galaxy far, far away alongside Jedi Knights and Sith Lords with a marathon Star Wars not stung beetles. Take out your lightsaber, now is the time. The nine movies Star Wars are all available on Disney+. And if you haven’t had enough after 20 hours of viewing, you can turn to the various series like The Mandalorian Where Obi-Wan Kenobi. Not to mention spin-off movies like Solo Where RogueOne. In total, count 130 hours of intergalactic entertainment.

Watch on Disney+

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