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Dollar, bitcoin, ruble – currencies will rise and depreciate. And gold will always be expensive. So a gifted bracelet that doesn’t suit you at all, or a ring that doesn’t fit you, are your most profitable assets. But before you sell your jewelry, you should take care of a number of nuances that will help you get a fair price for it. We will tell about them together with Bazis Gold.

Think about time and collection

The original price of a piece of jewelry in a store can be very different from its value in a pawnshop. The secondary jewelry market is strongly tied to the supply and demand for jewelry. A large selection of diamond products on Internet services with ads, auctions, as well as pawnshop windows forms the market and the pricing procedure. Often the price of products is 20-30% of the original cost.

As a rule, you are not paid for the jewelry itself, but for its condition and the demand for it. It is important to understand that some styles of jewelry are classic and therefore universal for all time. They remain relevant for decades. And if you decide to sell your great-grandmother’s ring, then, most likely, time here will play into your hands.

Antiques are collectible. Therefore, such jewelry can be very expensive. But keep in mind – antiques require a more responsible approach to choosing a place for sale and evaluation, since not all appraisers have sufficient knowledge.

Those jewelry items that are out of fashion and at the same time cannot be considered collectible in any way are unlikely to be expensive. And some products will generally be valuable only because of your memories.

For most buyers and pawnshop workers, used jewelry is valuable only as a precious metal. In this case, the product is disassembled and sent for recycling. At the same time, a pawnshop employee does not need to have sufficient qualifications for an objective assessment, there is no need to restore and resell the jewelry.

This approach to business simplifies the process, but does not make the relationship between the pawnshop and the client the most profitable. However, the majority is ready to part with jewelry for a lower cost, as a result, such a situation has formed on the market.

Assess the condition of the jewelry

This is one of the main factors that determine the cost of jewelry. The price of damaged and broken products in many cases includes the cost of refurbishment. And it is sometimes simply impractical, since the costs will be higher than the possible benefits of the sale.

Remember that repairing and cleaning jewelry is a tricky field. So even if you have some minimal soldering experience, it is better not to try to repair the jewelry yourself.

Do not clean the jewelry in an attempt to give it a more attractive presentation. You can ruin an item and vice versa reduce its value. It is better to entrust it to professionals.

Responsibly approach the choice of the place of sale

Before proceeding to this step, be sure to weigh the jewelry you plan to sell and calculate the approximate profit yourself. The easiest way to measure it is in grams – the price in pawnshops and buyouts is often indicated just for one. This will make it easier for you to calculate the price.

It may be that the jewelry you sold will not be put up for sale, but will be melted down. Then you will receive about 70-80% of the cost of the melt itself. But if you’re selling designer jewelry or fashion houses, that amount can go up to 90%. If someone offers you scrap prices for a designer piece, don’t take it, even if you really need the money.

To choose a place for sale, pay attention to pawnshops and buyouts, which have a high-quality website with prices and well-established feedback. You should not go to the first one you come across on the way to work, as you can lose a lot of money. For example, in some places they offer from 1,700 rubles per gram of gold 585 of the third category, and in Bazis Gold the price starts from 2,100 rubles.

You can compare places to choose the most customer-oriented and profitable on special sites. They rank all the city’s purchases with a price list. On such sites, you can easily find exactly the one that you can completely trust.

Be careful

When selling, you can often encounter scammers. In order not to fall for tricks, you need to know what to look for.

Firstly, if the prices on the site are very high, this is a reason to be wary. You can even confirm this cost by phone, but when it comes to a deal, the price will change dramatically and not for the better. Fraudsters rely on the fact that the client will get tired of going to pawnshops and buying up, trying to find a good offer and will agree to everything, just to forget about it.

Secondly, it is important to ask about additional conditions and costs. Fraudsters can, upon the fact of the transaction, begin to transfer deductions from the promised amount per gram. For example, losses during the remelting of gold up to 4%, VAT, dirt, which the product seems to be covered with, stones ten times the size of the real mass. They will tell you that such deductions are used in every pawnshop.

Thirdly, beware of an underestimation of the sample. If the appraiser claims that the sample indicated on the product is incorrect, then most likely this is not true. Of course, in theory this is possible, but it is best after such a statement to contact another pawnshop or buyout to confirm the sample.

And the fourth is an underestimation of weight. That is why we recommend weighing jewelry in advance. But if you have not done this, then visiting several pawnshops will protect you from the possibility of getting into a merchandiser whose scales are set to underweight.

You can check the scales. Ask to weigh a modern five-ruble coin, it should be 6.4 grams. If the buyer has a lower figure, be sure that they are trying to deceive you.

The surest way not to fall for the tricks of scammers and sell jewelry at a favorable rate is to contact Bazis Gold. At all stages of interaction with them, you will be surrounded by attention and a sincere desire to help. Experts will not only advise, but also evaluate your jewelry for free. And regardless of whether you choose them for sale or not, they will issue you an appraisal certificate that will help you compare Bazis Gold offers with other pawnshops and buyouts. So you can choose the best option for yourself, because the main thing in selling jewelry is to sell wisely.

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