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The topic of personal growth has been one of the most discussed topics in recent years. Many people know how to set clear goals and easily achieve them. Others have to constantly struggle with various obstacles on the way to success. Experts believe that for those who want to start developing, it is important to understand what factors hinder this process. How to determine these factors, we tell in the material.

Think about how often you look for easy ways

At all times, philosophers have written that every person has the right to choose which way to go – difficult or easy. At the same time, those who do not seek to simplify their lives as much as possible have always been considered more responsible and stronger.

Despite the fact that this statement can be taken in two ways, many psychologists believe that among those who are constantly looking for easy ways to solve a problem, there are many people who have been marking time in one place for many years. As they get used to simplicity, over time their critical thinking deteriorates, prejudice develops, and the will to win ceases to develop.

Remember how often you show excessive zeal

Many people have found themselves in a situation where their energy, thrown into achieving something special, was simply wasted in the end. This happens especially often with those who are used to showing excessive zeal in work or other areas.

Psychologists believe that the more effort a person puts into doing something unworthy of attention, the more obstacles appear in his path. And it remains for us either to bring this matter to the end and lose our last strength, or to give up halfway.

Think about whether you like to put things off until later

The habit of constantly postponing things for later can also slow down your development. In this case, we talk about procrastination. To understand if you are inclined towards it, do the following:

  • determine how many tasks at the moment you have postponed until better times;
  • think about how often you refuse interesting invitations, because you are afraid of the new and do not want to go beyond the usual;
  • think about how often you feel bad if you have to do unpleasant work.

Experts believe that there are several reasons why procrastination develops. It can be the fear of change, and excessive perfectionism, and the inability to make decisions.

Rate how helpful you are

Sometimes we really have to do things we don’t want to do. But if you are haunted by a constant desire to please other people, most likely, this is precisely what hinders your development.

The fact is that helpfulness is one of the most harmful habits, which, at first glance, seems harmless. Over time, it leads to the fact that a person forgets what he really wants and becomes dependent on someone else’s opinion.

In addition, it is much more difficult for a helpful person to love himself. After all, his self-esteem largely depends on how high people around him evaluate him.

Analyze your environment

Some people do not understand enough how much our environment affects us. But sometimes, by changing our environment, we begin to realize why nothing good happened in our lives for a long time.

To understand whether the people you surround yourself with are hindering your development, try to remember how often your friends support you and whether you have to feel pressure from them. Several signs that you have already outgrown your friends and it is time to stop communicating with them have been collected in the material.

Think about how often you get bored

Boredom is another factor that can hinder your development. First of all, because boredom kills curiosity. And it is a kind of trigger for development.

If you often feel bored, think about what familiar things you would like to change for a long time. Perhaps giving up a job you hate, or even moving into a new apartment, will help you look at your life differently.

Analyze how often you feel guilty

Among those who never come to success, there are many people suffering from self-criticism. Excessive guilt and unhealthy reflection not only hinder the development process, but also make a person feel like a failure.

Such people are often afraid to take a step forward and prefer stability. And it is another factor that hinders development. In addition, people who constantly feel guilty, over time, become insecure and stop believing that they are worthy of something more.

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