will this new coalition have the skin of the sector?


The success of the American anti-piracy coalition Alliance for Creativity and Entertainment (ACE) active since 2017, is being emulated in the fight against illegal IPTV services. A success due in large part to its innovative approach: a pooling of the resources of its eminent members who can therefore adopt better strategies – reinforcing the success of its legal actions against pirates.

The results speak for themselves: since its creation, ACE has been responsible for shutting down hundreds of pirate sites. It is in this context that the Global Anti-Piracy Pact intervenes. This new coalition launched this month is an initiative of the Centro de Estudios para el desarrollo de las Telecomunicaciones y el Acceso a la Sociedad de la Información de América Latina (CERTAL) – but it has been emulated throughout Latin America.

A new coalition is forming in South America against pirate IPTV services

The project managers explain: “the objective of this pact is to demonstrate that the isolated actions of rights holders or actors in the distribution chain of works protected by copyright are not enough, and that a joint and coordinated effort between actors private and private-public dynamics are necessary”.

Among the members of the new organization, there are mainly heads of South American telecom and government groups. And the group seems to operate simultaneously via three strategies: a prevention component, with the implementation of awareness campaigns against piracy.

There is also a “common standards” component which aims to establish new standards and practices to limit the risk of piracy. And finally a legal component – ​​with the launch of joint actions to give them as much weight as possible. The specificity of the group, however, is its specialization in the fight against pirate IPTV services. With particular emphasis on sports broadcasts.

To better fight against the “particularly dynamic” nature of these services, CERTAL wants to put in place common rules in Latin America to simplify and accelerate the administrative blocking of these services, without going through legal action. An example is to push for the implementation of common laws around administrative blockages (members have until 2023 to transpose the measures into their laws).

“Governments must guarantee an accelerated procedure through specialized entities so as to block the providers of these services on the Internet in their respective countries”, says the coalition. For their part, the ISPs that are members of the organization undertake to “actively promote and cooperate with CERTAL in respect of the implementation of the required blocking mechanisms”.

In addition, CERTAL wants to tackle the three main methods of monetizing pirate IPTV services: advertising revenue, payment by credit card and the sale of preconfigured devices. While preparing to adapt quickly if a new source of income appears.

In addition, CERTAL wants to force the entire production chain to integrate a watermarking system into video streams, so that it can more easily find people attached to subscriptions used to pirate this type of content. It remains to be seen whether this new coalition will be emulated elsewhere in the world…

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