7 makeup mistakes that make your eyes look smaller


Beautiful makeup has three main components: good tools, creativity and quality technique. The latter is considered the most important for those who want to create not only neat, but also visually correcting minor imperfections makeup. In the new material, we talk about what makeup mistakes can make the eyes look smaller than they really are.

1. Staining of the lower mucous membrane of the eyelid

This makeup mistake is made by many girls. Especially those who like the aesthetics of the 90s and early zero. But if you want to visually enlarge your eyes with makeup, you should not paint over the mucous membrane of the eye.

In addition, some makeup artists believe that makeup with stained mucous ages the face by several years. It also makes the image more strict and the look tired.

2. Straight eyelashes

Eye makeup always ends with staining of eyelashes. And the end result largely depends on how well you work with mascara.

Straight eyelashes – although not the biggest problem, but a problem for those who want to visually enlarge their eyes. If you have naturally straight eyelashes, you should use castor or burdock oil in your care. These products will help lift the ends of the cilia and make the hair follicles more elastic.

If you want to visually enlarge your eyes with makeup, use eyelash curlers. A simple device will make the eyelashes more fluffy, and the look – open.

3. Eye shadow

Another mistake that makes eyes look smaller with makeup than without it is the use of shadows that repeat the color of the eyes. For example, make-up artists do not recommend brown-eyed girls to use brown shadows, and blue-eyed girls should not use light blue or bright blue.

The fact is that if the shadows repeat the color of the pupils, the look will visually fade, and the eyes will “get lost” on the face. Here are some tips on how to apply eye shadow correctly.

4. Dark shadows in the inner corners of the eyes

Many girls use this beauty trick to visually enlarge their eyes. But experts believe that in this way it is only possible to visually reduce the size of the eyes and make the look less expressive.

If your task is to make the eyes look longer and open, apply some light beige or white shadows to the inner corners of the eyes. It is desirable that the product has a creamy texture with a shimmering effect.

5. Gaps between the arrow and the lash line

Creating smooth and beautiful arrows for the eyes is a real art. The accuracy of your makeup largely depends on how well you do it. Unsuccessful arrows can also visually reduce the eyes and distort the proportions of the face.

For example, if there is a gap between the arrow and the lash line, the eyes look smaller, and the look is frightened.

If it’s still difficult for you to create smooth arrows with a pencil or eyeliner, use dry shadows for this purpose. They are easy to blend with a flat brush so that there is no unpainted space between the cilia and the eyelids.

6. Emphasis on the lower lashes

To tint the lower cilia or not, each girl has the right to decide for herself. But beauty experts believe that the abundance of mascara on the lower lashes makes the eyes look smaller than they really are. In addition, several layers of mascara will round your eyes and make you look more tired and unhappy.

If you use regular mascara instead of waterproof mascara, during the day it can slide from the lower lashes onto the eyelid and leave streaks on it. Because of this, the effect of bruising under the eyes will be created.

7. Matte smoky eyes

“Smoky” makeup remains in trend for several seasons in a row. But this does not mean at all that all varieties of smokey ice are good in themselves. For example, experts in the field of makeup believe that matte smokey can visually reduce the eyes and give the face a tired and bleak look.

To avoid this mistake, use not only dark, but also golden shadows to create smokey ice. It is desirable that the product has a glossy texture. This will make your pupils look brighter and your eyes will look more open.

It is equally important to use at least one light shade of shadows when creating smokey ice. It must be applied to the middle of the eyelid and carefully shaded. So the makeup will turn out to be more voluminous, and the look – bright.

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