how to get €100 in aid in 2023?


The end of the government fuel discount of 10 cents per liter at service stations (and the additional one of the same amount at TotalEnergies stations) is approaching. To find slightly cheaper fuel, you have until December 31 at midnight.

The rebate was originally intended to cushion the effects of the explosion in the price of energy, and the price of a liter of fuel above 2 euros per litre. At first, this aid was 18 cents between April and August, before rising to 30 cents on September 1. Then in mid-November it had risen to 10 cents.

Why the 10 cent discount ends on January 1, 2023

And its end was announced on January 1, 2023. It must be said that this device, financed by taxes (thus even by the French not using a car…), was extremely expensive. In 2022, discounts cost 8 billion euros to public finances.

While indiscriminately helping motorists for whom this discount was really vital, and those less affected by fluctuations in fuel prices. This is why the State is abolishing this aid and replacing it with a “cheque for €100” intended for the poorest 50% of French people who work and own a car, thermal, hybrid or electric or even a motorized two-wheeler.

To obtain this aid of €100, you must have declared a reference tax income of less than €14,700 in 2021 – and of course hold a gray card in your name. In all, 10 million French people and residents are eligible for this more targeted aid… which will comparatively cost “only” 1 billion euros to public finances.

How to request your €100 check

To ask for the check for €100, however, you still need to arm yourself with a little patience. Indeed, requests must go through a dedicated space which will soon be put online on the website. The government announces that the space will be open from January 16, 2023.

If everything is in order, applicants will receive their assistance within 8 days of their initial request. This means that even those who qualify will have to pay for their fuel at full price and without subsidies for three weeks from January 1, 2023.

It is therefore strongly advised to take the lead and make the most of the discount (or double-discount at TotalEnergies stations) on the liter of petrol and diesel, while there is still time. Our special feature lists the best sites and apps for finding cheap fuel near you.

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