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You may have noticed that some people, including celebrities, have an unnatural look after filler injections. It may seem too convex and swollen, a person’s facial expressions change. Often, such changes are signs of filler fatigue – in the material we will tell you why it occurs, whether it can be prevented and what to do if it has already appeared.

What is filler fatigue

Filler fatigue is a term that describes the processes and changes that occur as a result of prolonged or too frequent use of facial fillers. When it appears, a person notices that fillers do not bring the result that was before. They make the face not tightened, but swollen and give it an unnatural look.

Facial esthetician Nina Bal from the UK notes:

Filler facial fatigue is characterized not only by swelling. Areas where the filler has been injected may become asymmetrical. There is also often a feeling of heaviness and overcrowding.

Other signs of filler fatigue include a flat appearance around the mouth and nose, unnatural contouring, loss of facial muscle movement, and sagging skin after the filler has started to dissolve. When this condition occurs during lip injections, they may not close completely.

Why filler fatigue occurs

As we have already mentioned, this condition in most cases affects people who resort to filler injections too often.

According to American plastic surgeon Robert Schwartz, the main cause of fatigue lies in the properties of injections. Some types of fillers are able to retain an increased amount of water at the molecular level, which negatively affects the elasticity of the skin. Also, fillers can move 1-2 cm from the place where the injection was made – this is one of the reasons for the appearance of asymmetry with fatigue.

Dr. Schwartz says that filler fatigue most often occurs in the under-eye area, on the lips and cheeks, and the jawline. Its appearance is influenced not only by the quality of the filler used, but also by the correct choice of its type for each injection area. Equally important is the amount of filler that is injected per injection.

Dr. Schwartz also notes that the lack of professionalism of employees or the desire of a person to save money play an important role in the appearance of filler fatigue:

A certain type of filler may not have lifting properties, creating a slight contouring effect. But the person came to the clinic in order to get a facelift, for example, the jaw line or cheeks. At the same time, he does not want to spend more on it than he planned. And he is re-injected with a few milliliters of filler where there has already been an injection, in the hope of achieving the desired result. Although it was necessary to choose a filler with other properties, perhaps more expensive.

How to Avoid Filler Fatigue

The first rule to follow when using facial fillers is to use the services of certified clinics. It is necessary to check the qualifications of a plastic surgeon, dermatologist and cosmetologist. These professionals must take refresher courses and additional training every few years to acquire new knowledge and skills.

Plastic surgeon George Bitar from the USA notes that it is worth asking to see photos of people who have already used the services of the clinic of your choice. Pay attention to how the person’s face looks after the procedure, when the swelling subsided – the natural contours of the face must remain visible.

It is also important to follow the injection schedule. Depending on the type and brand of filler, on average, it can last from 6 to 12 months. Be sure to follow the recommendations of a specialist and do not carry out the procedure more often than the set time.

Is it possible to correct the effects of filler fatigue?

Often people find out about filler fatigue when it has already appeared. To cope with it, you need to contact the clinic so that the doctor can help remove the filler.

For example, if hyaluronic acid was used for injections, then in order to dissolve it, hyaluronidase or longidase enzymes are injected. After injections with these drugs, on average, 2 to 3 days must pass before the result is noticeable. These enzymes will remove and remove hyaluronic acid and the face will return to its natural appearance.

Dermatologist Debra Jaliman from the USA recommends using fillers on this basis precisely because they are easy to remove if necessary. But permanent fillers can provoke unpleasant consequences – the formation of scar tissue, inflammation. In addition, they are more difficult to remove, since the result can only be achieved using a surgical rather than an injection method.

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