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No matter how perfect our body looks, it has several particularly vulnerable points, which are called dangerous or painful. In the material we talk in more detail about them and why you should be more careful with them.

1. Kidneys

In the renal tissue there are many vessels of different sizes. On impact, they are damaged and cause blood pooling and bleeding. If the blow to the kidney was strong, the person may remain permanently disabled.

How badly a blow can damage the kidneys depends on many factors. Including the weight of a person, the direction and force of impact, the thickness of the fat layer, the level of intra-abdominal pressure. As a rule, severe injuries occur in people with weak muscle muscles, overweight and various kidney pathologies.

2. Adam’s apple

Adam’s apple or “Adam’s apple” is a specific element of the cervical region, which is found only in men. However, the thyroid cartilage itself, which underlies it, is also present in women.

A blow to the Adam’s apple or damage to this part of the body is quite dangerous. The thyroid cartilage that makes up the Adam’s apple is rather fragile. Therefore, it is easy to break. If this happens, a person begins to feel a lack of air and a sharp deterioration in well-being. He may also have a panic attack, followed by vomiting. If the blow to the Adam’s apple is very strong, the person may lose consciousness and even die.

3. Patella

In many sports, one of the most common injuries is a kneecap injury. The soft tissues around the knee joint are prone not only to bruises, but also to tears and other injuries. A blow, a fall, an excessive physical load on the body can provoke problems.

If a person ignores a kneecap injury, he will face many negative consequences. Including, he can forever remain lame. Therefore, in the first minutes of injury, it is important to seek medical help and apply a cold compress to the patella.

4. Temple

Another dangerous point on the human body is the temple. The temporal bone is one of the thinnest and weakest in the body, so it is easily prone to fractures. In addition, in the region of the temporal region there is an artery that feeds the hard part of the brain. The vagus nerve is also localized there, which is responsible for the work of many muscles, including the heart.

Even a light blow to the temple can cause the victim to experience nausea, vomiting, and dizziness. If the damage to the temporal region is severe, the person loses coordination, hallucinations appear, and problems with vision and speech may occur.

5. Jaw

A blow to the jaw not only causes discomfort, but can also lead to loss of consciousness. A side impact directed at the lower jaw affects the cervical spine and completely disorients the person.

No less dangerous is the injury of the upper jaw, as it communicates with the orbital, nasal and infratemporal surfaces. Jaw bruising will result in a painful swelling that will increase when you open your mouth and chew. If you do not turn to a traumatologist and a surgeon in time, the person’s condition will seriously worsen.

6. Solar plexus

This is the name of the nerve plexus in the upper part of the abdominal cavity, located under the chest. It has many nerve processes that radiate from the center in different directions.

If you hit a person in the area of ​​​​the solar plexus, his health can be severely harmed. For example, due to a blow, he may experience both temporary and prolonged respiratory arrest. A bruise in the solar plexus can also cause a diaphragm rupture and even cardiac arrest.

7. Elbow joint

Elbow pain is rarely pathological. As a rule, it is provoked by injuries, heavy lifting or professional activities.

Damage to the elbow joint can be mild – in this case, the pain will be weak, and the mobility of the joint will remain, or severe – ligament rupture will be accompanied by severe pain and the inability to move the elbow.

8. Belly

Most of our internal organs are located in the abdomen. That is why the stomach is considered one of the most dangerous points on the human body.

Abdominal contusion can be accompanied by a rupture of the abdominal muscles and provoke severe pain, which will increase with movement. If the wound is severe, internal organs may also be affected.

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