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During the New Year holidays, people often feel a pleasant feeling of nostalgia, which, it is worth noting, is good for health. It can be obtained not only by maintaining traditions or communicating with loved ones. We offer you to pay attention to films from the 90s, which will help create a festive mood, as well as feel cozy and laugh heartily.

1. Alone at home 1 and 2 parts, 1990 and 1992

This series of films has become a cult and many people associate it with the New Year and Christmas. The film is funny and funny, with beautiful New Year’s decorations and reminds you how important it is not to give up and be ready for any twists and turns of fate.

We recommend paying attention to how the camera shoots the main character Kevin throughout the first film. At the very beginning, she shows him from above, which reflects his insecurity and confusion from the fact that he was left alone. But in the middle of the film, the hero is more often shown from below – this reflects the growth of his confidence in himself and his abilities. And the house where Kevin’s family lived actually exists and you can look at it. It is located in the USA, Illinois, the village of Winnetka. His address is 671 Lincoln Avenue.

In 1992, Home Alone entered the Guinness Book of Records as the highest-grossing American comedy film of all time. He held the position for 25 years until he was replaced by Never Back Down in 2017.

2. All I Want for Christmas, 1991

This story tells about two young children whose main desire was the reunion of their divorced parents. But Mom had a new boyfriend, which made me wonder if they would succeed.

The film is imbued with a Christmas atmosphere, as well as a sense of comfort and belief that miracles happen. Children who want to reconcile their parents will need not only the help of Santa Claus, but also their own ingenuity, as well as the confidence that on Christmas night the most cherished wishes come true.

3. Family for rent, 1997

This film is a combination of comedy and melodrama, imbued with a Christmas atmosphere. A successful businessman, played by actor Eric McCormack, needs to become an exemplary family man in order to profitably sell his company. The problem is that the man does not know how to do it at all, and the deadlines before the deal are running out. He decides on a tricky step: he hires a woman who will play the role of his wife, as well as her daughter as his child.

Throughout the film, viewers watch how the characters change during the “family games”, how relationships develop between them. Things don’t always go smoothly and the way you think. The film shows that it is necessary to believe in miracles and not lose hope even in dark times. It also speaks of family values ​​and the fact that sincerity is what is necessary for any relationship.

4. I’ll be home for Christmas, 1998

A student named Jake really needs to get home for Christmas, because his father promised to give him a car. And if a guy decides to spend a holiday outside the family circle, he won’t see a car. Of course, Jake is in a hurry to go home in order to receive a gift, and not to communicate with his family.

But miracles happen at Christmas, and they don’t always turn out the way people expect. Hours away from arriving home, Jake wakes up in the middle of the desert dressed as Santa. He has no money, no transportation, no clues as to where exactly he is or how to get home on time. He has to hitchhike and in other very unusual ways, as well as meet completely different fellow travelers on his way. And the closer the hero is to home, the better he understands what Christmas is and what its meaning is.

5. Santa Claus, 1994

This film tells about the fact that accidents in life can bring many interesting changes. The protagonist named Scott Calvin accidentally pushes a stranger off the roof of his house on Christmas night, and then discovers a sleigh pulled by reindeer parked nearby. Without thinking twice, Scott jumps into them, not trying to help the victim.

Now he will have to take the place of Santa Claus, who was a stranger, so that Christmas will come and go well. True, being the main wizard on this night is not at all easy.

6. Present for Christmas, 1996

Many people associate Arnold Schwarzenegger with action movies, but this film offers a glimpse of him as a comedian. And not a very exemplary family man, who is his hero named Howard. He promised his son Jamie to give a Turboman toy for Christmas, but completely forgot about it.

The closer the holiday was, the less necessary toys remained in the city. Remembering the promise the day before Christmas, Howard decided that this time he would definitely get the gift that was so important to his son. In order to please the child, he gets involved in real adventures, in which there are many funny and touching moments, as well as a real enemy who wants to get Howard the Turboman he needs at any cost.

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