This Nissan convertible will make you love the electric car


At the end of 2021, as part of the vision 2030 Nissan Ambition, the Japanese manufacturer had lifted the veil on a new virtual concept. At the start of 2023, the event Nissan Futures allows the brand to showcase the latest innovations in electrification, smart vehicles, power management, battery reuse and more. The event is also an opportunity to present a very real version of Max-Out, an astonishing 100% electric convertible.

Nissan plays the electric convertible card

In the electric car market, if the trend is towards SUVs “zero emissions“, Nissan goes against the grain, introducing Max-Out. A vehicle designed to provide a feeling of freedom while offering an exciting and dynamic driving experience. In fact, this translates into a rather enticing 100% electric convertible, with a little side “Out-Run of the future” for fans of retrogaming.

On display throughout the event, the Max-Out naturally aims to embody Nissan’s ambition to promote better access to sustainable and innovative mobility. A two-seater vehicle that of course promises to provide a real feeling of freedom, while offering an electric driving experience worthy of the name.

According to the manufacturer: “The Max-Out embodies Nissan’s innovative strength to develop a diverse range of sophisticated and spectacular vehicles, with a clear vision of how they can benefit both individuals and society.

Nissan Max Out

© Nissan

Through its Ambition 2030 programme, the brand’s long-term vision, Nissan aims to become a truly sustainable company, on its way to “a cleaner, safer and more inclusive world.“Nissan’s goal is to be carbon neutral throughout the life cycle of its products and operations by 2050. In Europe, with EV36Zero at its core, the brand is poised to accelerate the transition to an electrified future.

Remember that Nissan is one of the pioneers on the 100% electric car market, with obviously its little Leaf, launched for the first time in 2010. At the end of last year, Nissan activated the bi-directional charging function in the United States on all Leafs produced since 2013. The car can thus be used as a battery when you are not using it, and power… your home.

Bi-directional charging technology that is not unique to Nissan, since Ford’s F-150 pickup also has similar technology, as does the Hyundai Ioniq 5.

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