Right now, B&You is smashing the price of its 5G plan


If you have enjoyed yourself during the sales with a new premium smartphone, it is better to be able to take advantage of its full potential. So, affording the latest iPhone 14 or Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 without having a 5G plan is a shame. Good news: you no longer need to spend a fortune to surf at full speed with B&You.

To start the year off right, Bouygues Telecom lifts the veil on an unbeatable offer on its 5G package. Not only do you benefit from 5G but in addition, you have an extremely generous gigabyte envelope. At 15.99 euros per month, you will hardly find better among the competition.

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5G at €15.99: the mind-blowing offer from B&You

Usually available at 24.99 euros per month, 5G is on sale at B&You. In the middle of the sales period, the mobile operator invites you to optimize this crucial item of expenditure. At less than 16 euros per month, this 130 GB 5G plan is positioned as the mobile offer of the week. You will be able to pick up speed, download or play in better conditions with a generous envelope… And all this without obligation.

In this way, you benefit from 130 GB of mobile data in 5G or 4G in France, including 30 GB usable in Europe and the overseas departments, as well as unlimited calls, SMS and MMS for 15.99 euros per month. Concretely, it’s a real bargain when you look at the quality-gigas-price ratio.

Thanks to this crazy offer, you don’t have to compromise. B&You offers you everything on a silver platter at a low price. With a 130 GB envelope at your disposal, you will be able to stroll on social networks, call your loved ones in video, play online or watch your series in streaming without limiting you. Do you doubt it? The French use an average of 20 GB of mobile data each month. With 130 GB, you can navigate in complete peace of mind, without fear of getting stranded.

Cherry on the cake ? B&You’s 130 GB 5G plan is without engagement. You have the freedom to leave the ship at the slightest annoyance. However, note that Bouygues Telecom does everything to make you want to stay.

Other B&You packages for you

Maybe you’re not interested in being able to browse in 5G or you prefer more mobile data volumes. In this case, you will love the B&You 200 GB package at 19.99 euros per month. You are entitled to 200 GB of mobile data in 4G in France, including 25 GB available in the EU and the overseas departments. Calls, SMS and MMS are unlimited.

For people who are looking for a secondary line, or who use their data very little, the B&You 1 GB package at 6.99 euros per month is the right compromise with its reduced price.

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Choosing B&You: the good idea

In addition to considerable freedom, choosing a non-binding plan guarantees you benefit from the best possible network. With a sword of Damocles hanging over their heads, carriers offering no-commitment plans tend to their network to keep you on their side. Thus, the Bouygues Telecom network stands out as the second best mobile network in France according to ARCEP. Fluidity, speed and quality are at the rendezvous.

If you like to simplify your life, you will love the B&You packages. Only available online, all you need is a few minutes to subscribe to the best 5G offer of the moment. To manage your consumption or modulate your plan according to your needs, this is done directly on the application or the dedicated website.

Finally, you can keep your current phone number free by retrieving your RIO number. To do this, simply call 3179 then communicate it to Bouygues Telecom when you subscribe. Then, the mobile operator takes care of terminating your current contract and transferring your number.

To take advantage of the best 5G offer of the moment, it’s at B&You:

See B&You packages

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