Valérie Damidot victim of fatphobia: “People said: ‘Ha well no, Damidot is too big'”


It was during an interview with Purepeople this Wednesday, February 1, 2023 that Valérie Damidot confided in the grossophobic remarks she received from certain clothing brands who refused to dress her.

“I would like to lose another 4 or 5 kilos”

The one who is about to go on stage to present her one-woman show entitled Valerie exposes herself gave an interview to Purepeople this Wednesday, February 1, 2023. The former star TV host of the show D&CO on M6 explained that she was currently in the midst of a food rebalancing, coupled with the practice of yoga, stretching and treadmill walking, to lose weight and feel in great shape on stage.

“I am 17 kilos and I would like to lose another 4 or 5. In fact, we believe that in a diet, the hardest thing is to lose weight. But no. The hardest thing is to stabilize. Losing weight is great. Normally, if you eat better and move, you lose pretty quickly. But you can pick up pretty quickly. So I would like to be able to lose a little more to be able to be quiet » she said before adding:

“Anyway, there is no secret. If you sit on your sofa eating crisps, watching series, your body is unlikely to improve..

“46, is it big? The problem is there! »

During the interview, Valérie Damidot also confided that certain clothing brands did not want to dress her because of her weight, when she presented the decoration program on the sixth television channel.

“When I was at the start on D&CO, there were always brands that wanted to lend clothes to animators. And people said: ‘Well no, Damidot is too big, we can’t lend her anything’. 46 is big? The problem is there! » she revealed.

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