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Many young parents have come to rely on grandparents to take care of their child. After all, they already have experience and at least one educated person behind them. But studies have shown that most of our moms and dads never update their knowledge about caring for children in their entire lives, so they can harm their health. Together with the brand of children’s cosmetics Bimunica, we have identified five dangerous rules and advice that older relatives impose on us.

Can’t use diapers

Almost every grandmother is firmly convinced that “everything dies” from diapers, a rash and irritation appear. Instead, they advise using a diaper that needs to be washed by hand a couple of times a night.

In fact, diaper rash appears only if the diaper is not changed for a long time. Most manufacturers promise up to eight hours of dryness, but alas, this is just a publicity stunt. In fact, they will have to be changed much more often, especially in the first months of a baby’s life. A newborn can defecate after each feeding, diaper change should occur immediately after this, otherwise irritation and redness may appear. Bimunica diaper rash spray will help in the fight against them – it provides skin care in the diaper area, prevents rashes, and strengthens the epidermal barrier.

Our parents are so firmly convinced that they are right because when we ourselves were children, no diapers were invented yet. Mothers laid diapers, washed them by hand and ironed them afterwards to disinfect them. It is difficult for them to imagine that some process does not require enormous efforts and at the same time does not harm health.

You can not teach a child to hands

It is possible and even necessary! Contact with parents should develop immediately after the birth of the baby. When you take a child in your arms, he feels a security that he will later carry into adulthood. If a child does not develop the experience of regular relaxation, he will not learn to get out of stress, and this will affect his mental health.

The first study on this topic was conducted back in 1991 by the American physician John Kabat-Zinn. He proved that when children are physically separated from their parents, they are more likely to activate pain reactions. And this leads to disturbances in several important parts of the brain responsible for stress, depression and anxiety. Children need to be taken in the arms of both parents so that they develop harmoniously, grow up balanced and feel a strong emotional connection with them.

For bathing, use only boiled water.

If you follow your grandmother’s advice, then you will have to raise a child in a completely sterile room. To boiled water, you can add keeping the heat in the room and dressing the baby in ten jackets when going outside. All these actions do not allow normal immunity to form, which is why the baby can grow into an ever-sick adult.

The idea of ​​water as a potential source of danger has long been outdated. It has taken root in the minds of our mothers since the time when the water was poorly purified. However, baby’s sensitive skin needs special cosmetics with a mild composition. For example, Bimunica’s 2 in 1 bath and shampoo is suitable for newborn babies, gently cleanses delicate skin and hair, while strengthening the epidermal barrier. This shampoo is specially formulated to support the immune system of baby’s sensitive skin.

And the lavender bubble bath will soothe your baby and prepare him for a sound sleep, and give you the opportunity to sleep yourself. It moisturizes the skin and is suitable for daily use.

Better to use animal milk instead of formula

The worst delusion. Grandparents are very fond of telling stories about how some young mother ran out of breast milk, and her husband rushed to a neighboring village to buy a pair from an old woman who kept her cow or goat. At the same time, they usually talk about this story as a feat: after all, parents saved their children in this way from feeding with a mixture in which there is “one chemistry”.

But doctors say that such feeding endangers the health, and sometimes the life of the newborn. Animal milk contains many minerals that a baby’s kidneys may not be able to handle. At the same time, it does not have enough iron, and this can threaten iron deficiency anemia. Proteins found in animal milk can irritate the intestinal mucosa. In addition, it may be allergic. And because of the unbalanced composition, the child may have problems with being overweight.

Modern milk formulas are designed to meet all the needs of the child and contain all the important trace elements that he should receive.

Breasts should be washed with soap before each feeding.

This rule will harm both you and the child. Such a stereotype has been formed in the minds of our mothers and grandmothers for a long time – when women were forced to work in factories, take the child with them and feed him not in the most sterile conditions. But now there is simply no need for this – washing the chest twice a day as part of a hygienic shower is enough.

Soaps and gels lead to dry skin, resulting in cracked nipples. This complicates the feeding procedure – pain and discomfort appear. If you have already experienced such a problem, be sure to consult a doctor and try the soothing intimate gel from Bimunica. It is suitable for washing the whole body, softens the skin and relieves irritation.

In addition, on the areolas of the nipples you can see small tubercles – these are Montgomery’s glands. They perform a number of important functions: they secrete a lubricant that protects the breast from harmful bacteria. And they have their own smell, which is felt only by the child when feeding. It makes the baby feel safe, as they associate with the smell of amniotic fluid. If you wash your breasts with soap every time before feeding, your nipples will simply lose their “magic” properties.

The only exception to this rule is the application of medicinal ointments to the chest. In this case, you need to carefully wash off the substance, and after feeding the baby.

Bimunica is the first baby skincare brand developed by the American scientific community specifically to stabilize baby’s delicate skin immunity. All the company’s products are aimed at maintaining the outer protective layers of the skin and reducing skin allergies, which are often susceptible to babies. Bimunica refuses to use harsh surfactants, parabens, dyes and mineral oils, their products are made only from natural ingredients. Together with the scientific approach and the Bimunica brand, child care will become more harmonious and easier.

You can buy Bimunica baby cosmetics here.

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