Cindy Reymond (Large Families) is loose on the families of the show: “When you know the bottom for some, just LOL”


The one who made herself known in Large families: life in XXL before stopping everything organized a question and answer session with its community on Instagram last weekend. The opportunity for her to look back on her experience and let go of the other families on the show.


The viewers of the show Large families: life in XXL had met Cindy Reymond, mother of a family of nine children, married to her man Fernand… before they separated!

In February 2022, Cindy Reymond and her husband announced that they were separating. Six months later, the mother-of-one revealed that she had found love again in the arms of a woman.


Last weekend, Cindy Reymond hosted a Q&A session with her community on Instagram. The opportunity for the mother to once again be honest with her subscribers and to explain to them the reasons for the end of her union with her ex-husband Fernand.

“The question is rather why you got married yes! My answer: not for the right reasons, that’s for sure. And besides, if one day you are asked to marry knowing that it already stinks of shit for months, run away and don’t do it to please the other! » she said.

The mother of the family also took advantage of her exchange with her community to come back to her experience on the show. TF1. If she assured that she had finished with the filming, she indulged in some secrets about the other families of the program.

“Oh no. As I already explained at the start, I am not an actress and not made for this world of television me ” she confessed before adding:

“I’ve never had more affinities than that… except for two maybe, but we don’t talk (to each other) more than that in the end, even if I like their way of life, their way of life, their way of being… I didn’t agree to do this show to make friends, or out of advantage, or out of hypocrisy. When you know the underside for some, just LOL. Everyone makes their own life, the rest doesn’t matter..

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