The new trend for 2023: earmuffs!


The essential accessory for this winter 2023? The earmuff! Formerly reserved for winter sports, this accessory is making its debut on the catwalks and in the streets. In addition to keeping you warm, it will add a stylish twist to all your winter looks. How to choose it, wear it and in which store? We tell you everything!

Which earmuff to choose? The different styles of earmuffs.

Depending on your taste and style, there are different types of earmuffs of all kinds and materials. Here are the 4 essential earmuffs to know.

  • Synthetic fur earmuffs: the most seen and trendy are faux fur earmuffs, having a very similar appearance to real fur. Ultra soft and comfortable, it’s the most stylish and desirable model this winter.
  • Wool earmuffs: this model, made from natural wool, is ideal for a chic and elegant look. They are found in sober and natural colors such as gray, beige or camel.
  • Leather earmuffs: for a more rock look, opt for this accessory in black leather or dark brown leather.
  • Knitted earmuffs: made from knitted materials such as acrylic, cotton or wool, this knitted model is perfect for a more casual and chill look.

You got it, earmuffs are an essential fashion accessory in 2023! But how to wear them? Here are some tips to help you adopt this accessory in style!

  • Match the colors: Choose earmuffs that go well with the colors of your look. For example, if you wear a gray wool scarf, opt for gray wool earmuffs for a harmonious look.
  • Play with textures: Faux fur earmuffs are great for bringing a touch of texture to a minimalist wool look, while a wool earmuff can add a touch of softness to a leather look.
  • Dare prints: If you have a more daring style, opt for earmuffs with original and daring prints, such as leopard or color.
  • Be creative and play with accessories: pair your earmuffs with sunglasses and a bucket hat for an even more stylish and daring look.
  • Opt for quality: It is important to choose quality earmuffs in a pretty material for a chic and stylish look, and that your look does not look cheap…

Where to find and buy trendy earmuffs?

To find trendy and inexpensive earmuffs, head to H&M, Zalando or ASOS. Want an ultra trendy earmuff?! So, head for the UGG brand without hesitation! You will find the essential model, camel and with white faux fur, of all the influencers of the moment. If you want a more luxurious and better quality model, Moncler or Gucci also offer very chic models. For more eco-responsible consumption, you will find ultra hot and inexpensive models in thrift stores or on Vinted. Finally, go to the markets to discover more original and affordable artisanal models.

5 trendy looks to copy for style with earmuffs!

#1 A rock look with earmuffs

For an ultra-stylish look, combine the cozy look of earmuffs with rock faux leather pants and a short shearling jacket.

#2 A 100% comfy look with earmuffs

Do you want to be warm this winter?! Well pair your earmuffs with a cozy sweater, white pants and cropped UGGs.

#3 A total pink look with earmuffs

For an ultra girly look, we love pink earmuffs that we associate with a sweatshirt of the same color. We find the short UGGs in this look, a must for this winter 2023.

#4 A casual chic look with earmuffs

For a chic and minimalist look, opt for earmuffs, a long trench coat and a comforting maxi scarf.

#5 A total mountain look with earmuffs

On the way to the mountains? Well it’s the perfect time to wear your most stylish earmuffs, paired with a warm sweater.

For even more ideas for winter looks, discover our article: How to be stylish while being warm?

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