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Our body is a complex structure that requires a reverent attitude and constant attention. But sometimes we do not listen to the signals that the body sends us in order for us to understand that something is preventing it from functioning normally. Several symptoms that may indicate that your body needs help have been collected in the material.

1. Wounds heal very slowly

Ideally, a shallow scratch or wound should heal within 2-3 weeks. If this process takes longer, most likely your body has encountered some kind of problem.

For example, slow wound healing may be associated with the development of diabetes, anemia, and venous disease. Sometimes problems with regeneration signal obesity. Since metabolic processes slow down in overweight people, tissue regeneration also proceeds much more slowly.

2. Your voice has changed

A hoarse, nasal, or trembling voice can also signal that something is wrong with your body. If at this moment you are not being treated for laryngitis or inflammatory diseases of the larynx, consult a doctor.

In some cases, a change in voice may be a sign of a benign or cancerous tumor of the larynx. This is also warned by a sensation of a lump in the throat and a violation of swallowing.

A few more reasons why a voice may disappear or become hoarse have been collected in the material.

3. You are experiencing severe hair loss.

This unpleasant situation can be associated not only with improper hair care, but also with more serious reasons. For example, experienced stress, strict diets or nervous exhaustion.

Excessive hair loss can also be a sign that you are not eating enough protein. And if you do not revise the diet, the problem can lead to serious consequences. Including chronic fatigue and disorders in the immune system.

4. There was an unpleasant smell from the mouth

This delicate problem can be faced by all people, regardless of age and gender. At the same time, there are a lot of reasons why an unpleasant odor may appear from the mouth.

Sometimes a problem warns that you are not devoting enough time to oral hygiene. But bad breath can also be caused by gingivitis, gum disease. If treatment is not started in time, the microflora that affected the gums can spread to periodontal tissues. And this will lead to the fragility of the teeth and their loss.

5. Your mood often changes.

Persistent mood swings in psychiatry are called cyclothymia. The cause of the development of this disease may be a genetic predisposition, experienced severe stress or external triggers.

But in some cases, sudden mood swings signal hormonal changes in the body. Including pregnancy or menopause. The latter is especially true for women who have already crossed the 40-year milestone.

6. Wrinkles appeared on the earlobes

Usually this phenomenon is perceived as one of the signs of aging. However, the appearance of wrinkles on the earlobes may indicate that something is wrong with the body. Scientists believe that the presence of a skin fold on the earlobe signals an increased risk of developing coronary heart disease.

Therefore, if earlier the earlobe was even and smooth, but wrinkles appeared on its surface, this is a reason to consult a doctor. The endocrinologist will prescribe the necessary tests and help you figure out the cause of the problem.

7. You lost weight for no apparent reason.

Despite the fact that sometimes you really want to get rid of extra pounds, a sharp weight loss can be a sign that something is wrong with your body.

So, if you don’t follow any diets and haven’t increased your physical activity, weight loss can warn of an overactive thyroid gland or previously undiagnosed diabetes mellitus.

Another reason why weight can drop sharply is various parasites that enter the body through the skin when in contact with animals, or through the mouth when eating contaminated foods.

8. Longitudinal stripes appeared on the nails

It is also easy to determine how healthy the body is by the condition of our nails. Therefore, if you notice that longitudinal vertical stripes have appeared on the nail plate, this is an occasion to pay attention to your condition. Most often, the problem is that your body is not getting the amount of B vitamins it needs to function properly.

This problem is also faced by people suffering from diabetes, arthritis or cardiovascular disease. In addition, the appearance of longitudinal stripes on the nails can be caused by the accumulation of various toxins in the body and the development of fungal infections.

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