Clément (Love is in the meadow): this surprising revelation which made internet users react


M6 broadcast a new episode of the new season of Love is in the meadow this Monday, February 6, 2023. The opportunity for viewers to discover the farmers of the next season of the show. Among them, Clément, a dairy farmer, who caused a lot of reaction from Internet users.

New Portraits

The portraits of the farmers of the next season of Love is in the meadow continued to be presented to viewers this Monday, February 6, 2023, in a new episode of the show broadcast on M6.

If fans of the program were able to meet Christine, a cat and dog breeder who strangely resembles Christine Bravo last week, last night they discovered Clément, a 26-year-old dairy farmer.

To make react

The young man, who is from the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region, turned heads during his interview with Karine Le Marchand. Its charm did not leave Internet users indifferent. “Go write to Clement”, “Not bad at all Clement”, “Not bad Clement”, “Well this young man is going to be very courted”could we indeed read on Twitter during the evening.

Only, Clément explained in front of the camera that he worked with his family and that he had therefore decided to return to live with his parents. He who is nevertheless the owner of a house located not far from his parents’ home thus surprised Internet users, who do not understand his choice.

“26 years old, but 56 in the head, and can’t cut the cord with his parents”, “‘I went back to my parents’ At the same time, there is nothing going…”, “All this to return to his parents”could we also read on the social network at the little blue bird.

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