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It is unlikely that you will be able to find two completely identical people on the planet – even superficially very similar twins have unique features. About what exactly makes up the individuality of a person, we tell in the material.

1. Point of view

Point of view is your individual view of the world around you. It makes people different from each other. What you find attractive may seem repulsive to another person, and vice versa. This difference in views creates an individual life position for each person.

2. Intelligence

All people have different analytical, linguistic, social and other intellectual skills. While one person is well versed in mathematics, the second easily learns foreign languages.

The type of intelligence makes a person unique and different from those who are close to him. And we talked about how to develop it at any age in this material.

3. Intuition

Intuition is the ability to understand and realize certain things instinctively, without much logical analysis or conscious thought. And each person develops it differently. Someone literally anticipates what will happen in the future and makes the right decisions on a whim. And others do not have such an “inner instinct” at all.

4. Experience

A person’s experience plays an important role in shaping his personality. It helps determine how to interact with the world and other people.

Positive experiences make people kinder and more open, developing better qualities. And negative experience, on the contrary, becomes the cause of defensive behavior, distrust, and anxiety. So the experience that you have accumulated over your life makes you a unique person.

5. Sense of humor

Your style and sense of humor make you a unique person. After all, there are hardly any people with 100% agreement on what is funny and what is not. Humor also affects the quality of communication and social skills, the level of intelligence, the ability to think creatively. And, by the way, it can be developed – we talked about how to do it here.

6. Personality

Each person has an individual set of personality traits, as well as emotional, cognitive and behavioral patterns. They are developed as they grow older and depend not only on internal, but also external factors. For example, the environment in which a person lives and the cultural characteristics of his community.

You don’t always perceive personality traits as unique characteristics. After all, many people have similar qualities. But the point is how each person manifests them. For example, you can simply be kind to people or try to do more for them by supporting or providing other feasible assistance. The same quality in different people is manifested to a greater or lesser extent, which contributes to their individuality.

7. Likes and dislikes

Although many people have the same opinion about beauty or style, there are personal preferences and dislikes that betray a unique personality in everyone.

A person’s tastes influence not only what things he prefers, but also his life goals and decisions. He constantly makes choices from what to eat for lunch to who to hang out with. And personal likes and dislikes largely influence what he prefers.

8. Life goals

People’s life goals are completely different. Some want to build a strong family, others dream of career growth, and still others want to succeed in various fields of activity. The goals you set for yourself reflect your personality.

In addition, even for similar intentions, people choose different methods for their implementation. They depend on personal qualities, abilities, worldview. Therefore, the life path of each person is unique, like himself.

9. Parenting

The family has a significant influence on how a person becomes. Parents instill certain qualities in children, help develop skills and talents. They also greatly influence how a person expresses his emotions and copes with them. Therefore, we can say that your personality to some extent consists of the upbringing that you received in your family.

But self-education is also important. These are habits and character traits that a person acquires and develops of his own free will. It largely depends on your personality.

10. Fears

Absolutely fearless people do not exist. And it is the fear of something that makes a person a unique personality. Fears leave an imprint on both mental characteristics and human behavior.

For example, someone who is afraid of the dark is more likely to leave a night light on while they sleep. And a person who is afraid of talking to strangers may have difficulty communicating. And all these features make up our individuality.

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